Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet George Jetson

I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the 21st century.  Here we are 11 years in and we have yet to be cruising the airways in our flying cars. 

The kids found The Jetsons on DVD at the library last week.  It was fun to watch a little blast from the past (about the future).

My biggest disappointment in the 21st century however, is not the lack of hovering automobiles, but that homes don't come equipped with robot maids.  I could make good use of Rosie.


Abby said...

amen to a Rosie!

jeanine said...

I'd love a Rosie too!

Rich often talks about our lack of hover cars... funny.

Melissa + Brett said...

OH HOW I LOVED THE JETSONS! I would love a Rosie, hovering automobiles, AND an escalator thingy to jump on to get my hair done and clothes on for me.

Lauri said...

I forgot you watched the Jetsons...that was around when I was a kid too and I was so excited about the hovering cars of the future. At least one dream came true, though...the microwave.

everyday katie said...

...and skype!