Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprises let me know she cares!

And Heidi was FULL of surprises!

Heidi was another of my college roommates and the most loyal friend I've ever had.  Can I still call her loyal if we haven't talked in a couple of years?  It's just that she's off on a foreign adventure and time zones make it nearly impossible. 

I was immediately drawn to Heidi for her hilarious sense of humor, her good nature and her infectious is everybody.  It's impossible not to love that about Heidi.  But after living with Heidi and developing a deeper relationship, there are so many things I love even more about her. 

Heidi brings out the best in people.  She is compassionate, self-less, in-tune, and a great listener.  Despite her petite size, Heidi is a spiritual giant.  She is a huge nature lover and the most adventurous of all my roommates.  She spent her summers in far off and exciting places; places like Norway, China, Alaska, and Coeur d'Alene.  She has spent the past few years working on her master's degree in England and liked it enough stay after graduating. 

I think it's impossible to find fault in Heidi.  I love her so much.  So much that I thought if I ever had a girl, I'd like to name her Heidi. (Or at least the middle name because I think Spencer thought it was a little funny to name a kid after my roommate.)

The majority of the pictures I have of Heidi are depicting her funny side. For example:

I am happily posing, oblivious to Heidi and Brooke in the background.

I can't tell you what the outfit was about, but I'm pretty sure that was the infamous pan, clearly labeled with Heidi's last name.

 Just for a laugh.

Thanksgiving, freshman year.  Leah, Heidi and Tiffany dressed as Indians. (Excuse my political incorrectness.)

I can't have a Heidi montage without a dog picture.  She loved dogs more than anyone I know.

On a spring break in So. Cal.  Heidi insisted on being buried in the sand.  And Brooke is about to get fresh with mermaid Heidi.

I was surprised how many pictures I have of Heidi, Tammy and I in our Sunday clothes and aprons holding up a dessert we just baked.  Apparently it was a favorite Sunday past time.

 Trying to explain what is going on in this picture wouldn't do it justice.  But I hold this moment as one of my all time favorite college memories.  Leah is on the left and Heidi on the right.  Those girls were a riot together.

Heidi broke the freezer.  And apparently the cupboard in the background. Don't worry, it was Heidi's cupboard. She's the only girl I know to label her stuff with animal pictures.

I think Heidi got these in the mail one day.

Picking wildflowers.   This is one of my favorite pictures.
Leah and Heidi.  In braids. 

When Heidi left for her semester teaching English in China I was so sad.  We decided that a pirate party would ease some of the pain.  We even played pin the eye patch on the giant blow-up Heidi that we kept posted on the inside of our pantry door. 

Happy 30th Heidi!  
( a few weeks late)  
Miss you.


jeanine said...

Once again... what great roommates you had! (And it's totally not weird to name a child after an old roommate... my mom had a roommate named Jeanine Elise!)

Lauri said...

who doesn't love Heidi?! This post made me laugh out loud a few times (too bad I'm at work and I shouldn't be reading blogs.)

Jen said...

Oh how I love Heidi too. Thinking of her just puts a smile on my face. I love your posts on all of us, it brings back to many fun memories.

Brooke said...

Thanks Katie for taking me back to my carefree roommate days. I love Heidi too.

Kris said...

Everyone needs a Heidi!!

Heidi said...

Even though it wouldnt be after me... I LOVE the idea of naming a girl after a roommate! Looks like you had a BLAST in college. Makes me regret (a little) not leaving for college.

Carrie said...

My favorite is the dog dinner! I totally remember that! And the shoe fairy. We have a shoe fairy at our house purely inspired by Heidi. You are the best! And by 'you' I mean Katie and Heidi both. Love 'you'!

Autumn said...

I love college memories. She looks like a blast.

Funny-last night I was thinking about girl names and I was thinking that out of 5 of my sisters, I think I could name my girl (assuming it is one) after them: Heidi, Jill or Afton. (Amy & Kristina are too generic for me.) :)

Tammy said...

Ahh! Heidi memories! I love it! And I too love that girl. How can you not? I have that can of worms picture too and I can never remember what was happening. Did they just come up with that randomly? I was there and I have no idea.
And I love that you are wearing my sweater vest in the first picture. I thought it was so cute. I miss sharing clothes. Now I just have to wear all my own things. Boring.
Miss you roommates. Seriously. The year we all turn 40 - We're going to do something cool all together!

mj said...

Heidi is so funny. and so cute. I first met her when I was in elementary school. She was sitting on phonebooks.

The Patterson's said...

What a fun Post to that loveable Heidi. Those were some fun and crazy times. We forsure need to plan a 40 get away together. Turning 30 is hard enough 40 might send me over the edge but if we all celebrate together it will give us all something to look forward to even if we are getting old!