Friday, February 18, 2011


Sometimes life is unpredictable.

Like when
Gray decided to jump pants-less on the trampoline.  (Gray is full of laugh out loud unpredictability.)

Or when
Reid announced that there was a poop-smear on the back of the toilet that looked like a Valentine heart. (Thanks to whoever left that special one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day surprise.)

Or when
Parker was disappointed when he saw me curling my hair.  Turns out he prefers it spiked.  (I kind of always worry that my kids might think I have boy hair.)

Or when
I came home and found Spencer like this:
I laughed myself to tears. 
(Don't worry, his beard grew back and I once again find him very sexy.)

Or when
After 20 months of serving as the ward Primary president, I got called to be the first counselor in the Relief Society presidency.  (Now if all goes well, I'll actually get released from primary too.)


Traci Elizabeth said...

hilarious! what life would be like with 3 boys!

yay! for leaving primary! everyone deserves a break from that!

jeanine said...

Oh those are funny stories!

I can't believe you are in the RS presidency! Well... I can actually. Are you so relieved to be out of Primary? One of our RS counselors is moving and I just keep having this feeling that I"m going to replace her. Let's hope I'm wrong!

mj said...

I hope you get released! And the handle-bar mustache is too much for me to handle.

Kelly said...

Never a dull moment with all those boys!! You will be AWESOME in RS!! Thanks for the help with the dressers yesterday- I will be posting about them soon!

Genn said...

Very funny. I laughed out loud about that heart stained smear that was left behind. Hilarious.

Carrie said...

Holy Schlamoly. Why can't your ward give you something nice and quiet like bulletin board duty? Someone needs to start reading your blog and realize that you've got enough at home that require your charity. Obviously Spencer needs more than his share. Ha ha! You're gonna be awesome though. You taught me the great life skill of dressing to match my R.S. lesson centerpiece. Love you guys. Seriously Spencer, you should take credit for that toilet smear. And yes, LOVE the 'stache.

Tammy said...

Maybe they'll make you do both callings for a long time. Then it will make Relief Society counselor seem super easy when they finally release you from Primary.

Oh Spencer and his fancy facial hair!

Kris said...

Oh Katie...I can always count on you for a good laugh!!!

Amanda B. said...

Ya- I know!!! Talk about total shocker!!! I feel like I am in limbo and am dying to know what is going on. Will the new pres keep me on or call new counselors?! WTH??

Heidi said...

WOW! to have a house full of boys! Although Daphne enjoys being naked.
Im sure you are well equipt for both callings, but not very fair to you!

Autumn said...

Wowzas!!! Hey I'm hoping for that last change too for myself. I suppose I need to do some talking with a certain someone under this roof. Exciting. Love Spencer's surprise. That's awesome. And sounds like Gray was pretty excited about the weather? Or didn't even notice but needed some wind? ;)

The Patterson's said...

Just one it legal to have two callings like that at once? I just thought once you got called to something else it means you are being releaved from your current calling at the same time! What do I know!!! Life sure is unpredictable just like Spencers handlebars, and surpises in the bathroom lol.

Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

Your blog is so cute! I love it :) haha

Edling's said...

I love the new look of your blog! Gotta love being a mom! Man, they can keep ya running!

The drama known as Greens.... said...

I miss you Spencer! I'm cryin here! LOL!!!!

I don't know which calling is worse....tbd

Clan Whipple said...

I don't know why everybody thinks this is funny. I got a trampoline and the first thing I said was... Hmmmm... gonna be NEKKID time!

BTW, you are welcome to still link to my DJ adventures but we do have a family blog if you want to see cousin Shaw.