Monday, August 20, 2012

Today I Feel Like Writing

I'm afraid to say that Pinterest replaced all my internet addictions the past little while and I haven't even missed the blogging world...until now.  Today, I feel like writing.

I've been hesitant to return to the ol' blog because I feel like I have to play catch up on all that's gone on in my life so far this year and that's way too overwhelming.  I think I can sum up the last 8 months in one word: wevisitedpittsburghandsaltlaketheboysdidgreatinschoolandgotawards-fortheirawesomenessandallthreeofthemarereadingbeyondtheirgrade-

School starts this week for all of my boys. Parker starts 3rd, Reid 1st, and Gray starts all day kindergarten this year. He doesn't turn five until the end of September. The kindergarten cut off is October 1st and his birthday is Septemeber 27th.  I was a little hesitant about him being the youngest kid in school, but he is already reading and his Preschool teachers strongly encouraged it. When it comes down to it, I really feel like he is ready.  So off he goes.

I'd like to say I was jumping for joy at all the free time.  I had big plans when all my kids were in school all day.  I was going to score five stars on every song on Just Dance on my Wii, hire a personal trainer to get the rest of my baby weight off (can I still call it baby weight if I haven't had a baby in 5 years?), catch up on all the TV I've missed the past eight years of my life, and even get a Masters degree.  But as it turns out, I think I'll do something lame like substitute teaching.  Bleh. 

Park and Reid start Wednesday and Gray starts Monday.  If you hear a little cheer on Monday morning, it's just me.  I'll try to keep my celebration under control. 


Cynthia said...

There's nothing like a "Yahoo Day" at the beginning of a school year.
I started kindergarten when I was still 4 also. That also meant I was still 17 the first few days of college. It all works out in the end. Especially for people who are so exceptionally bright like me and Gray.
I hope you can take a little time to catch up on all your tv watching before you get too busy teaching.
I need to steal some of your camp ideas - I'm sure you are filled with amazing ideas. I will call you this week.

Kelly said...

I have missed you on here! I have missed visiting you too! I feel I should be more up to date on it all- I didn't know about the subbing! I am so happy for you- it will be great- I think so, anyway!! Let me come visit you this week or next, okay?!
Tell the boys I promise to bring treats!

Lisa said...

Katie, I'm glad you did a post. I was going to send you a message the other day demanding that you start posting again but decided being the boss of one Benson (Michael) is enough. Good luck with the TV watching you have missed some good stuff, let me know if you need some recomondations.


Jenn and Chris said...

I have just recently came back to the blogging world too and felt the same way as you as far as playing catch up! Instead I just started from now and will eventually work backwards. Have fun with all your "free time"!

Traci Elizabeth said...

I AM SO HAPPY :) I miss knowing whats going on with your family!! have fun with the free time!!

Kris said...

Gosh I have missed you sweet girl!!! Yea for the kids!! Yea for you!!!!
: ) Kris

Jen said...

It's good to hear from you again. Love your one word summer. Sounds super fun and busy and I'm sure you are excited to have all your boys in school. It'll be like our old college days. I so can't wait for it to be just me again but I have many many years until that day hits for me.

Genn said...

Hooray! I'm do glad you were in the mood to write! I've missed you and your great posts.

That is awesome that all three kids are reading so well. And awesome about all day kinder! I mean really in a half day what can you even accomplish? ;)

And sub teaching? Good for you!

Hope to see more of ya around hear!

Genn said...

Whoops. So... Not do...

jeanine said...

I'm glad that you're back! I hope you feel like writing more often :)

Amanda B. said...

Good to have you back! :) I know what you mean about all the kids in school- it is kind of weird.... gonna be an adjustment for sure. I have decided I will not work right away because I want to volunteer in the classrooms and be available for that and other things... but when I do work, I always figured I would be likely to do subbing as well!

Tammy said...

KATIE!!!! Miss you. It took me longer than it should have to decipher your one word update.

I bet you'll love substitute teaching. And there's aways time for all that other stuff you want to do later. The boys are all going to be in school for many years to come. And I laughed right out loud that Just Dance on your Wii was one of the activities you were looking forward to. Hahaha! That's why I love you!

Carrie said...

Instead of substitute teaching I think you should get your special license and drive the bus.

Third grade is big huh? And you have officially bested Julie Andrews with the 'biggest word you ever heard' Funny!