Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breaking the Silence

...to bring you this years Halloween costumes.
(I have more interesting thing to write about, but this one is for you Carrie.)

I have to say, Halloween is one of those times I am so grateful for a houseful of boys.  It would make me sad to limit my costume making to variations of tutu's and fairy wings year after year.  Boys have the coolest costumes.  They're my favorite thing to make.  I get to be creative and use unique fabrics and materials.  Plus, because they're just for Halloween, I don't worry myself about linings or perfect seams.  It's just pure fun.   

Here they are (a little late):



Night Crawler

Can you even tell which one is my kid and which is from the X-Men movie?  Not hardly.


Carrie said...

All of your kids are on the left. You are so cool. Was Spencer Hank and you Storm? Or the other way around maybe?

Thank you! And now you can get on to the more interesting things, although what could be more interesting that the conversations that must go on in your house around Halloween and costuming I can't imagine. Love your crafty guts.

Genn said...

Wow Katie, you are so creative!
Night Crawler is my favorite. Love that posed picture of him too!

jeanine said...

You are amazing! I love those outfits... my boys will be jealous when I show them.

Kris said...

Love it! Where have you been Missy? I miss you!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

I love them. I wish I had more boys for that reason!! so awesome. you did a great job.

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

You are amazing.

I think next year if my mom-in-law can't do costumes- You'll be enlisted :)

Ryanne said...

I didn't even realize all the pictures weren't from the movie until the end when you asked if we could tell which was which. It was tough, but I think I have it figured out.

Those costumes are awesome.

Kelly said...

Fabulous, as usual!! Where are you and Spencer? Loved them all!

Olivia Durelle said...

I hope I will be half as cool a mom as you are.