Thursday, July 30, 2009

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder

My mom tagged me quite awhile ago to share a travel disaster story. I've been delaying. I couldn't decide on which one might make the best story. I've got millions. Do trips ever go with out a hitch? Not mine.

This one really isn't a doozie, but it makes me laugh any way.

I was probably fifteen. My mom was headed to Arizona for something. My cousin Brittnee lived there. She was pretty much my favorite person in the whole world. Despite my begging to come along, Mom wasn't allowing it because I'd have to miss a day of school.

I don't know what happened to soften her heart, but Thursday afternoon when I got home from cross country practice Mom told me if I could get packed in half an hour she'd let me come along. I was all over that so I shoved some clothes and toiletries in a bag as fast as I could and hopped in the car.

After the five hour drive, mom dropped me off at Brittnee's and continued on to wherever she was going for the weekend. It wasn't until the next morning...Brittnee was off to school...when I realized I didn't pack any bra's. None. And since I had come from cross country practice, all I had was a sweaty red sports bra. Not happening.

Though Brittnee and I are completely different body types, I found something to fit me and borrowed hers for the weekend. We only had like two days to hang out and didn't want to waste it bra shopping.

So thanks again Brit!

This picture was taken at Brittnee's house around that time...
possibly even while wearing the borrowed bra.

I'm tagging my Texas friends...Share your best travel disasters. Including you haven't blogged in FOREVER!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green Day

I finally made the switch.

I've been considering re-usable shopping bags for a couple years now. But I kept thinking it sounded like a hassle when shopping for a family of five. How many bags would I have to accumulate before I had enough? And carry them all while shopping?

But this summer I decided to buy one or two bags each time I shopped for groceries. By the time I had six bags, I already had enough. They're much bigger than the typical plastic grocery bag so I don't need near so many. And re-usable bags are so handy in an apartment when I can't park right in front of my door. I can carry all the groceries at once since the bags can slip over my shoulder. Though it would be easier to carry in more than one's an awkward 100 meters from my car to the front door. They're super handy on my quick walks to Kroger. It's a much easier way to carry a gallon of milk home.

Overall, I'm happy with the switch. It feels good.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Go Panthers!

So along with last week...more high school stuff.

Was the Senior Dinner-Dance not the most fun dance ever? EVER! Only seniors allowed. No one from other schools. No dates. It was held at a hotel. All of a sudden all however many hundred seniors were best friends. Honestly, it was so fun.

And me...again with the perm. But worse than that...I was plagued with the flesh eating bacteria. Not joking. I was bit by a mosquito carrying a form of it and my face was rotting off. I love that so many pictures from the end of high school are sporting these lovely scabs. At this point, I had already been to the doctor and it was in remission. It was looking much better, but never the less, the scabs were horrific. I feel I always have to justify why I look awful.

Not to mention the lipstick...that's for you Mary Jane. What can I say? It was the 90's. I'm not the only one with all that lipstick.

There was a Senior Superlatives award ceremony. I was voted both Most Outgoing and Most Spirited from my class. Kyle Lane was the only other person to win two awards and they were the same two I won. It makes sense...they go hand in hand. I was on a high from that all night. Those kind of things were such a big deal to me. I honestly didn't know if I'd win anything. We had a large graduating class.

As I'm sitting here at my computer, Parker just asked me why I was smiling. I can't help it when I look at these pictures. I have such fun memories of that night. Really, probably the most fun I ever had in high school.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pet Peeve

With the recent previews for tomorrows release of Orphan, it's brought to my remembrance one of my biggest pet peeves; children in creepy horror movies. I'd post images from the movie to show you what I mean, but I don't want to promote this movie with a terror inducing nine year old psychotic killer.

This pet peeve has very little to do with the fact that this kind of movie freaks me out, but more with the fact that I find it completely inappropriate to have a child star in a movie that I wouldn't let her watch. Does she go to the premier? I hope not. Even more, I hope the child is shielded enough from the movie so not to give her nightmares.

I hate that writers write horror movies with eerie psychotic children. I hate that directors choose to direct such movies. But most of all, I think it's completely irresponsible of parents to allow their children to act in movies like this.

Boycott Orphan!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I hear the change in gear....

In Ohio, you have to take a written test to get a new drivers license when you move here from out of state. I have to admit I was a little nervous...but I'm even happier to admit that I passed with a PERFECT SCORE. I won't mention how many Spencer missed, though he passed as well.

I started thinking about all the moving around I've done the past several years and and realized that including my first license at age 16, I've had to get SEVEN licenses. Seven licenses in 11 years. That's nuts!

Unfortunately, each picture is a little worst than the last.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I wanna run through the halls of my high school...

I've been meaning to do a high school graduation flashback for like a year now. I'm finally getting to it though graduation season is long since over. But I couldn't let the summer pass by without it. It has been TEN YEARS now after all.

The look on my face in just about every picture is one of out of control excitement. You'd think I had just won a Nobel Prize. It was just high I wasn't going to graduate.

Plus I'm not sure if I've ever posted pictures from this brief period of life that I decided a perm on short hair was a good idea. Big mistake, as you can imagine. I had just seen City of Angels with Meg Ryan. And I've mentioned before how I idolized her hair for quite sometime. I couldn't pull it off. Not even close. My hair looked exceptionally hideous that night. I'll blame it on the graduation cap. Yeah, that's it.

Graduation was held on a week night on our football field. Then the whole graduating class hopped on some buses and we spent the entire night at through the night only to graduating seniors. We got back on the bus at like seven the following morning. Oh man... good times.

I was such an Aquabat fan and they were playing in Tomorrow Land that night. I still have some old cd's that my kids love.

Waiting in line for Honey I Shrunk The Audience. I've always loved this picture.

I seriously LOVED high school. Really and truly loved it. Make fun of me all you wish. I can't remember ever being quite as uninhibited as I was then. I really enjoyed life and savored every part of the whole high school experience.

My reunion is coming up in October and it KILLS me that I won't be going. Seriously almost to the point of tears. Every time I get more info on it in the mail I have to check plane tickets like I'm somehow going to find a miraculous $70 flight or something. No far. I hear ten year reunions are a big disappointment, but I want the experience. Maybe I'm hoping to relive high school for a night. It was, after all, the last time I was popular. I'd love to see old friends that I've lost touch with. All I know is that I'm going to be disappointing a lot of people by not showing up. (joke.)

I want to know who's going? Anybody? Please tell me you're'll be easier for me not to go if my closest friends aren't.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

Apparently, some one is in need of a little stretching...ok, a LOT of stretching. I just got called to be the primary president. SAY WHAT?!!! came as a shock to me, too. I don't even know what a primary president does. Essentially, I'm responsible for the spiritual well being of 60 kids ages 18 months two 11 years for two hours every Sunday. I've always thought my strength is with the youth...meaning 12-18 year olds. I can't even contain my own crazies. What am I going to do with 60 of them? Luckily, I've got some great women to help me.

Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So Freakin' Five

As I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day yesterday, Parker did a running leap onto my bed as he yelled with arms in the air..."I'm so freakin' FIVE!!!!!"

Birthday's mean so much to kids. Parker turned five yesterday (obviously). I asked him if being five felt different than being four. And in all seriousness he answered yes. He told me he was so much bigger than when he was four. Today he's been showing me all the ways he's changed..."Look at my arms mom. These arms are so long. And my legs are longer than when I was four aren't they mom? And mom, don't my hands look like five year old hands? They're big hands right mom?"

I asked him his favorite thing about being five...kindergarten. Though he was expecting to start the day after he turned five. Don't we all wish.

Him and his brother (yes that's brother...singular...Gray appreciates sleeping more than the other two) woke up to the usual birthday streamers and balloons and pile of presents. They didn't turn on PBS like they do every other morning. I could almost hear Parker staring at his presents...just waiting for Spencer and I to get out of bed. And though it wasn't even 6am yet, I couldn't wait either. Park enjoyed his gifts, but I think actually being five was more exciting than anything he opened.

His birthday breakfast request included cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, and frozen peaches. I tried to talk him into fresh peaches...they're in season after all. But he got hooked on frozen ones during the winter months. What a nut.

We spent the day at the zoo and around lunchtime met up with some friends there. It was one of those perfect zoo days...we saw the brand new baby elephant romping around, we got to the tigers at feeding time, the lions were ROARING right as we walked up, the penguins were putting on quite a show, we rode the boat twice and to top it off, a monkey pooped right in front of us. That was the highlight of the trip for my gross kids.

Ross, Jacob, Parker, Reid

the boat ride...take I

the boat ride...take II

Parker, Reid, Abbey and Ross

the ride home

We dined at Burger King per Parker's request. And then he got to spend the money Grandma and Grandpa Smith sent. We topped it off with cake and went to bed.

The orange dragon with blue wings was Parker's idea. I have fun with kids cakes, but I could REALLY use a lesson in frosting. The cakes are always poorly executed.

Parker is such a bright boy. We just played several rounds of Mancala (thanks Abbey and family). Though it's really for older kids (and grown-ups), Parker caught on quick and even beat me one round (though I was going easy on him...I'm a wiz at math games). When we read from the scriptures at night, Parker now wants to take his turn and always amazes me at how well he reads. He's reading words that are completely unconventional and not at all phonetic. He's way into anything science and asks questions about everything. He's good at abstract thinking and applying what he learns to everyday life. Parker's a fireball and if he's not learning something new everyday, he has way too much energy to burn. He craves learning.

But despite all his left brain-ness he has a creative side, too. He can dance like no body's business. Parker has a fantastic imagination. And he can draw and color with ability far beyond his years. I'm one proud mother. I really love this kid.

And now we're already counting down to turning six.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sweet Land of Liberty

We enjoyed our Independence Day even more than I anticipated (despite the constant drizzle all night).

We showed up to our favorite firework spot just in time for the parade, yet somehow scored spectacular parking.

About the time the parade let out, the rain picked up so we picnicked in the car as we waited it out. The rain let up...though it drizzled just enough all night for us and all our stuff to be soaking wet without experiencing any downpour. But the kids didn't notice and we weren't going to let it ruin our fun.

The playground was freakin' awesome with artificial grass so we didn't get muddy there and it was a nice distraction from the carnival rides that we had no cash for. The crazies asked only once to ride and just accepted no for answer. SWEET!

A band played a bunch of 70's rock. This is where the kids got really muddy. Park is into "break dancing." If you've never seen my crazies bust a move, you are missing out. They've got moves you've never seen.

The boys oohed and ahhed over the fireworks. Gray was so giddy, he giggled throughout the whole thing. Parker is still talking about them. And Reid enjoyed it, but had seen enough about two minutes into it.

Despite staying up about three hours past their bed time, they were uncharacteristically well behaved yesterday. I think, however, I'm paying for it today.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandee

This is the Fourth of July three years ago. We attended a local celebration even though there was rain in the forecast. The rain just about held off and shortly before BOOM time it started to pour. Ohio is known to have some pretty heavy down pours in a short amount of time. So we packed up and hiked to the car. But when we got there and waited in the traffic awhile, the rain started to clear and there was buzz about the fireworks still going off. We waited it out in our Subaru and sure enough we enjoyed our explosions in the sky.

I love the Fourth of July...something I also learned from my mother. Tomorrow we'll be serving our traditional red, white and blue breakfast, picnicking in the park, enjoying our star spangled sugar cookies (thanks told me about your stash), waving our flags, playing our patriotic music, and of course ooing and ahhing over some fireworks. I can't think of a better reason to celebrate!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Enjoy Being a Girl

This is my mom and I a few years ago. Ok, a lot of years ago, but we still sit like that when we're together. Ok we don't. But isn't she cute? Do you ever look at old pictures of your mom and wish she had saved some of her clothes? I totally think I could pull off that shirt. The hair? Not so much.

Today is her birthday.

My mom and I have always had a really solid relationship. I can't ever think of a time when we didn't get along. Most girls go through a phase that includes fighting with their mother. I don't really have memories of such a phase. Not even in junior high...though I'm sure we didn't always agree about skirt length.

My mom really is fantastic. And I have such a deeper love and appreciation for her after becoming a mother myself. I'm sure I put my mother through much of the same trouble I deal with with my own crazies. She taught me a lot of things over the years but the thing that sticks out the most is her joy in womanhood.

This is at girls camp...hence the really cute outfits. She was the Stake Young Women's president through most of my high school years. We had just finished performing "I Enjoy Being a Girl" at the camp talent show.

And because I really like to embarrass people with my flashbacks, I have to include this. I'm not sure if you (mom) even knew this picture existed, but every time I run across it I laugh my head off. It was taken on a really windy day in Hawaii. She's hardly even recognizable.

In her defense, this is what she really looks like.
She really is pretty cute, huh?