Friday, May 30, 2008


Graduation seems to be in the air these days. What an exciting time. So congratulations to anyone graduating this year. Despite the fact that you have to sit forever to listen to speeches you have totally forgotten just moments later, I loved both of my graduations. I'll save a high school graduation flashback for next year...I'm coming up on the big 10. But graduation.

I graduated from Utah State University (Go Aggies!) 5 years ago this month. Degree? Speech Communication. That's not the same as Speech Pathology. I get asked all the time. It's more like interpersonal communication; how people communicate and why. I took classes like communication and conflict, intercultural communication, persuasion, public speaking, debate, etc. LOVED IT! Loved the studies, loved the research, loved the projects, loved the professors, loved my peers.

Minor? Music. I started out as a music major and HATED it. I was no good. But after three grueling semesters in the music program, at least I got a minor out of it.

Oh man, I loved my college years. Graduation was so bitter-sweet for me. I hated to see those years come to an end, but it felt so good to accomplish it (in four years even though I changed my major 4 times).

So here are the pictures...

Me walking in with my peer and good friend, Dawn. We spent a LOT of time in the library together, did a LOT of projects and research together, and caused a LOT of trouble together.
(Notice the cords...I was president of a national communication honor society.)

My ex-roommate and dearest friend, Tammy. She even sang at graduation.
(Notice how we have to tilt our heads because of those obnoxious hats.)

Me and my lover...there to cheer me on.

I look forward to a couple more opportunities to wear an ugly cap and gown before my life is over.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jazz Jam

It's been a slow week for me. Nothing good to blog about. I took these videos of my crazy kids dancing a while back and thought I'd share them. So basically, this post is for anyone else, it's just a couple of crazies being crazy.

We attended the local Jazz and Arts Festival a month or so ago. The university that Spencer is attending actually has quite a good music program. Specifically jazz music. I've mentioned it before, but several notable musicians have ties to this small town (Deep Blue Something, Don Henley, Meat Loaf, Norah Jones, Roy Orbison and Sly name a few). I was expecting a little better from a jazz festival in a town that produced such names. It was a fun event, but definitely small town. We didn't hear any of the next greats.

This is what we enjoyed the most...a little rockin' out to some less than mediocre, crazy Christian Rock band. When we came to sit down they were just tuning up their instruments so we had no idea what we were in store for. The first line included "Jesus." I just can't ever enjoy music like that. Parker was quite surprised as well. His eyes went big..."What did they just say? What song is this?"

I struggled uploading one of the videos to blogger, so I used YouTube instead. (I guess I figured it out Karen...I couldn't tell you how to do it though. Videos are not my strength as a blogger.)

The best part of this second one is at the very end where Reid tries to shake his bum.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Shopping Spree

We spent our Memorial Day participating in our favorite holiday! Once again, a Monday off work spent at IKEA. A day well spent. No big purchases this time. We made it out of there for a mere $5.37. We had no intention of purchasing anything big. (Or anything at all but their bins suck us in every time.) Spencer and I love to go for inspiration and Parker loves the playground.

We came home with two of the cutest little egg timers. We regularly find ourselves giving the boys time limits for things, but they have no sense of time. Solution: Cute timers from IKEA.

There was no point standing in line just for two timers, so when I was nearing the end where we check out, I found some great plastic placemats...four for $1.49. I bought two packs.

Now I have to get off the computer and set the table with these for a little Memorial Day BBQ dinner.

***Sad side note...We went out for some Cold Stone after dinner last night. All we bought was one kid serving and one medium serving (one mix-in each) and we spent significantly more on our ice cream then we did at IKEA.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lifelong Friends

Jeanine made a trip down to Texas from Oklahoma last weekend with her cute family and got to spend a night at our house. I've been wanting to post flashback pictures of Jeanine since last September. I got the idea right after her birthday (Traci got to enjoy a birthday flashback, instead). I was going to wait clear until her next birthday, but I just couldn't wait any longer.

Jeanine is my longest running friend. I have known her since we were Sunbeams...the age of our children. It's weird to think that our moms were our age when they met. I have no memory of a time I didn't know Jeanine. I don't even know what it's like not to have her as a friend. What a blessing, huh? I feel sorry for the rest of you. Jeanine is fantastic. I have so many fun memories that include Jeanine. From tree swings to dances, dolls, dates, dress-up, science projects, Laurel projects, you name it. She moved away a few times during childhood, but always came back...and we always kept in touch during her times away.

We had a great time visiting with her family...she has all boys, like us. Aside from the fact that I was dragging a little that weekend (sorry about that), I had a blast. Our boys got along splendidly. Parker has not stopped talking about William since he left. They're just four months apart and I always hoped they would get along. We'll have to plan a visit again soon. While sitting and visiting and taking our kids to the park, I couldn't help but think if we had met at this time of life rather than in early childhood, I would still choose Jeanine as a friend.

The Early Years
I'm not sure if these are in order or not.

Our birthdays are just five days apart so we got baptized the same day. We sang the Baptism song together. I have very vivid memories of rehearsing it with her mom the week before.

Jamie Bishoff's Birthday Party

I think the next two pictures are when Jeanine moved away and the girls in our primary class had a little going away party at my house.

This was probably when Jeanine was in town for a visit.

Again, Jeanine was in town (Brea) visiting family, so my mom drove me up to spend the day.

She moved back to Corona in 8th grade I think. These are the good old junior high days...the most awkward time of life for me.

Swimming at my house

8th Grade Valentine's Dance

8th Grade Friendship Pictures

Crazy side note...As of last week, of all nine girls in the next two pictures, seven of us are now connected through the wonderful world of blogger. Just a warning to those of you who recently found my blog...I post flashback pictures every Friday. You can safely bet you'll occasionally show up in those.

8th Grade Luau

Junior High Graduation

High School

A Young Women trip to the Los Angeles temple to see the Christmas lights.


A choir trip to Knotts Berry Farm

Youth Conference when we were on the Stake Youth Committee

We did our Laurel Project together (back when they were called Laurel Projects). It's an awful picture, but this is one of my favorite memories of Jeanine. We put together an entire musical program at a nursing home with music from the 20's, 30's and 40's. We had an incredible experience.

Girls night out at Disneyland Hotel

Winter Formal...Senior Year

Madrigal trip to Hawaii...Senior Year
You can all witness my mad scrapbook skills...the epitome of a 90's scrapbook.

School Days

Scholarship Awards

In my bathroom getting ready for Senior Dinner Dance.


The five of us all went away to Utah to school...3 different schools. We met in Salt Lake City at Christmas time one year.

Jeanine and I at my wedding.

I'm looking forward to making many more memories.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

White Trash Baby

I was feeding Gray last night and all of a sudden realized how white trash he clothes, a messy face, shaggy hair, a high chair with the pad falling off. I thought it was so ugly it was cute. So I grabbed my camera.

It was these pictures, however that inspired his first hair cut. He has the most untamable, feathery hair. I haven't seen hair like that since...Reid.

I have a friend who just shaved off her baby's hair. She said it was all coming in so uneven that this just made it look even and thicker and healthier. I thought it looked a little funny since her baby was a girl, but what she said made sense. I was a little nervous to do it. Gray doesn't have much hair. It hardly seem right to shave off the little he had. But his hair was NASTY! I put a #4 attachment on my clippers so he wouldn't be a complete cue-ball. I was so glad I did it. If it's possible, it made him a million times cuter. Now it can grow evenly. So here it is...


Could this baby get any cuter? I doubt it.

Since I had my camera out, I took a million pictures of Gray last night...

In the tub after his hair cut. Check out the faces he makes.

On the bed after his bath. Most of these picture didn't turn out...he wouldn't hold still. But I just had to show you his chunks. It's hard to believe this chubster is only in the 50th percentile. He is my smallest baby yet, but by far the lumpiest.