Friday, May 22, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye

Today is Parker's last day of pre-k before school lets out for the summer. Parker has grown tremendously in the past 9 months. I remember thinking how smart and old he seemed last fall. And I can't believe how much smart-ER and old-ER he seems now. Parker can pick up a book he's never seen before and read straight through. And he counts all the way to 112. Pre-K was the best thing for that kid. Three hours a day...5 days a week. It was awesome. Parker has a constant need to challenge his mind. Boredom for him means serious trouble. I'm am DREADING the long summer ahead. Our entire household runs just a bit smoother if he can get away and learn something new every day. And I'm just not the kind of parent to provide that at home on a daily basis. Wish me luck.

I just have to contrast our first day of school photo shoot (ironically enough, Reid is wearing this very outfit today.):

...with the last day of school photo shoot:

Same goofy kid...much older version. He's excited about the idea of no school all summer. I suspect he'll be whistling a different tune in about two weeks...maybe less. In fact, when school was canceled 2 days for the swine flu, he was chompin' at the bit to go back.

This is his teacher Ms. Wood.

And the assistant teacher Ms. Milly

And the two of them together...Parker's expression is great.

They were great. It's really been a fantastic year. Dropping Parker off the first day was a little's hard to trust someone else with your kids every day. But the end of the year is even harder. I hate that he has to say goodbye to his friends and teachers. Parker was so at home there.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Morning After...

Can you guess which tent was for the family of five and which was for the family of two? WRONG! The little one was ours. John and Emily had the huge one. In their defense, they did offer to trade. We haven't camped since we've had kids and had no need for a big tent up 'til now.

This is the same scene later that night:

I don't know if their tent wanted to prove it could devour ours or what, but with a little help from the wind, it was on top of our tent. Our little tent held it's own and didn't blow away at all.

Gray commandeered the bag of potato chips early on.

Then he decided it was much easier like this:

Not to worry, when the chips were gone he found a lovely puddle of murky water to entertain him the rest of the night.

Not that he needed entertainment...John and Emily entertained the masses.

And when they were finished, Parker pretty much took over the limelight for the rest of the night.

Reid got the shaft...the pictures I took of him really didn't turn out. He had a great old time but couldn't understand why no one wanted to sleep when bed time rolled around. He spent the late night hours lap hopping until he finally fell asleep on Emily.

Spencer was the perfect boy scout (though I was the prepared one). He did all the cooking. And there was some delicious dutch oven cobbler involved.

Though it wasn't supposed to rain until later on Saturday, the storm came earlier than expected. After a few hours of sleep, we awoke to thunder and lightening by about 2:30am. So by 3:30am we packed up some groggy, hysterical children and slept the rest of the night in the comfort of our own home. I wish I had pictures of us taking down tents in the pouring rain. We were soaked. But to be honest, it was fun.

So this is how we spent the morning after (no point in wasting that tasty breakfast we had planned):

Not a single kid came out with a burn from the campfire or hot coals (as I predicted). So despite the rain, I consider the camping trip a success.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I have to admit that I ADORE playing hide and seek with little kids. Reid is at an especially fun age for it. I can be in a blatantly obvious hiding spot and Reid will walk past me a million times. Parker did the same at that age, too. When that happens, I'm like a little kid myself. I can't hold the giggles in. By the time I finally get caught, I'm usually laughing in hysterics.

Parker's getting much better. It's harder to outsmart him. Especially considering my size. The crazies can fit into much tighter spots than I can (obviously). But I have to admit I'm a pretty good hider. I even fooled Parker a few times. The problem is, when Parker's 'it', Reid follows me around trying to hide in the same spot. I try to shew him away, but Park is usually finished counting by then so he hides with me most often. And if Reid is not hiding with me, Gray is usually giving me away. It's a rough set up for a highly competitive hider.

After a good hour of hide and seek this afternoon, I called it quits, but Parker and Reid kept it going. This is the conversation we had a little bit later:

PARK: You can't hide there Reid. Find somewhere else. (After hiding in the exact spot Parker was just hiding in.)

REID: I can't.

PARK: I'll find a good hiding spot for you.

ME (I never know why I interject when they're playing nicely...I should just leave well enough alone.): You can't tell him where to hide.

PARK: Why?

ME: It will be too easy to find him.

PARK: No. I'm going to find him a really good hiding spot so I'll have to look hard.

This is why I had kids.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy "Muders" Day

That's how Parker spelled it on my Mother's day card. Parker likes to write stories and cards and things all day. He's a really good long as it's phonetic. So since this is how he pronounces Muder...that's how he spelled it.

Mother's Day highlight so far? Reid broke my full length mirror when we were getting ready for church. Parker's distraught response was, "This is the baddest thing that's ever happened on Mother's Day."

And a shout out to my own mom who finished her master's degree this week. Very inspiring... and I'm insanely jealous. A HUGE congratulations. And Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Seven Year Itch

Seven years (on Sunday) and still going strong.

I love you more today than yesterday,
But not as much as tomorrow.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Everyday Disasters

I don't know why I can't seem to post much lately, and when I write I have nothing to write of but the perils of motherhood. Unfortunately, motherhood is all consuming these days. I'm a little tired of being a grown-up. Too bad it's permanent.

Yesterday I went upstairs alone to put something away; leaving all three crazies together and unattended. I was upstairs less than ten minutes and when I came down, the three of them had downed an entire, unopened box of Go-Gurts. They wanted a snack and Parker took it upon himself, as the older brother, to take care of it. I can't believe how many they ate in that much time. ...and if it only stopped there... Gray got into some cream cheese and the regular yogurts and they all had a hay day stomping on them, splattering my dining room walls, floors, table, chairs and even into the kitchen and living room. Apparently stomping on yogurt makes them burst. And that was being tracked through the house.

While cleaning that mess (mess is an understatement), Gray was in another room learning how to unscrew the lid on a brand new container of "Surf Hair" texture paste. Not only was his hair quite pasted, but so was the floor and the sliding glass door.

And while cleaning that mess, Gray stomped on one more yogurt.

He was rewarded by the longest time-out of his life (to date). Though time-outs for Gray are pretty rough. He can finagle himself out of just about anything.

I just wish those were the only disasters at my house yesterday, but who are we fooling? I live with a house full of crazies.

I'm off to girls night. I could use it.

Everyday Katie: OUT!