Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taking One for the Team

When it came time to start deciding on Halloween costumes, my crazies quickly jumped on the Star Wars train. Even Spencer willingly hopped on board. Me? There was no way in the world I was riding that train.

I am as far away from a Star Wars fan as you can get. I've never even sat all the way through any of the old classic films. Can't stand 'em. (Though I did watch all of Episode I on a date in college...what kind of boy takes a girl to see Star Wars on a first date? Obviously, that relationship didn't work out.)

And even if I liked Star Wars (which I don't), the kind of adult women I picture dressing up in Star Wars costumes are the sci-fi geeks who wear costumes to conventions. Not me.

Then came pleading from my kids and Spencer. For weeks. Who can resist those cute faces ? I always get so irritated when we come up with a costume theme that one kid doesn't buy into and ruins it for the rest of the family. A light came on. I was the one ruining it for the family. There will only be so many times in my life I'll be able to get the whole family to do themed costumes.

Before I knew it, I found myself at the fabric store trying to figure out how in the world to pull off Princess Leia hair. I'm pretty sure this is the first of my 30 Halloweens that I've dressed like a princess.

Now I have to pat myself on the back. (Not for braving the Princess Leia geekery, though that deserves a pat, too.) I'm pretty sure these are the most awesome costumes I've ever made. Designed them myself. And this set of costumes took a lot of creativity. Spencer (of little faith) didn't think I could make a Storm Trooper costume.

We attended a little Halloween party at church last night. Someone asked where we bought such nice costumes. They certainly don't pass for the cheap (but overpriced) ones hanging on racks at Walmarts across America. And they cost less than half the price.

Unfortunately, we left the house in a rush and I didn't take the time to get some good pictures of all the little details. We got a few pictures at the party. Just know, if I get some better pictures on Trick or Treat night, you're going to have to see the costumes again.

Now you can congratulate me on this achievement.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Magic Age

For any of you wondering...

Six is the magic age when kids are FINALLY old enough to make it to the toilet to throw up. (Or 'puke-up', a term Parker coined years ago and he still calls it that now.) Parker demonstrated that repeatedly over the weekend. We were more than grateful.

Reid, however, continued to remind us that a four year still can't make it to the bathroom to puke-up.

Spencer was actually able to stay home this weekend and we celebrated with a bang!
(bang=stomach flu)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mama Loves Mondo

Apparently, all my free time has been spent watching Project Runway rather than blogging. Has it really been two weeks? That's not like me.

It seems the impossible has happened and Spencer's schedule has become busier. I put the crazies to bed by myself most nights. Three meals a day alone with the kids can be pretty wearing on a girl. But if something good can come out of this (besides a husband with a PhD and a job he loves)... it's my discovery of Project Runway (online). I just needed something to keep me company while I sewed Halloween costumes. And now I'm hooked. I know I'm like 8 seasons late coming into this, but we don't have cable. It makes me want to learn to draft my own patterns. I should take a class...with my loads of free time and all.

My favorite contestant is Mondo. Hands down. He is everything I love about fashion. He can mix patterns and prints like nobody's business. I love it!

See Mom. No Nylons.

I haven't been able to get this outfit out of my mind. I even searched the fabric store yesterday looking for a large, bright, hounds tooth print in hopes of replicating this look. No luck.

Does anyone else watch? Do you share my love for Mondo?'s looking like Spencer's campout this weekend may be canceled. We haven't both been home on a weekend in a really long time. Keep your fingers crossed for me.