Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Human

This week marks two years since Reid's amputation. I can never quite believe how normal it has become. So normal, in fact, I'm sometimes surprised when I'm dressing Grayden and he has two feet made of flesh and bone. I regularly expect a stump or prosthetic to poke through his pant leg.

Reid certainly has adapted well. Though he can run at super-sonic speed without his prosthetic, he really doesn't like to be without it, refusing to take it off even for swimming. Which is fine. His prosthetic hasn't slowed him down from normal three year old life in anyway (except that he's a little bummed he can't wear flip-flops).

I take the crazies to an afternoon PE class every Tuesday through the kinesiology department at the local university. The first day of class, all the kids went through a serious of activities to determine a lesson plan for them throughout the semester. Reid wore pants that day and got through all the activities (hoping on one foot, kicking a ball, crab walking, jumping, running, etc) with flying colors. Though they noticed he slightly favored one leg, they had NO IDEA there was a prosthetic under his pants. And he's excelling in the PE class. It's so fun to watch him. He's such an active, happy, silly, little kid (when he's not whining).

In remembering Reid's amputation, I'm including my favorite post about this journey...though the majority of you have already read it. Originally posted August 7, 2007.

(For more, you can Reid about the beginnings here. About his one-footed superhero, here. About his first prosthetic here. And second here.)


I was bathing the boys the other day and they were sticking the plastic cups they play with in the bath tub on their feet. When Reid put the cup on his stump, it went all the way up to his knee. And we all thought that was pretty awesome. So then I started to think about all the other advantages of having only one foot and a prosthetic leg (which goes clear up to his knee).
  • When he wears a cup on his foot it goes all the way up to his knee

  • If ever he wants to be a pirate for Halloween, he'll make a great peg-leg

  • At play group this afternoon an older kid referred to it as a robot leg

  • He can only get a sunburn on one leg

  • He has 5 less toenails to clip (and it's not an easy task clipping a 1 year olds toenails)

  • He has one less foot to wash and dry at bathtime

  • If he steps in a puddle with shoes and socks on, he only has to experience that sloshy discomfort with one foot

  • When he plays in the snow, only one foot will be unbearably cold

  • If he steps on something sharp with his prosthetic, he won't bleed

  • His foot sits on a stand when he sleeps

  • It won't hurt when he stubs his toe

  • If ever he gets in a fight, as boys do, he has a secret weapon (it hurts pretty bad to get kicked by that far he hasn't done it on purpose, but he'll soon learn)

  • People freak out when you pull his leg off to go through airport security

  • He'll be able to play awesome tricks on people
  • He only has half the chance of developing foot problems (ingrown toenails, athletes foot, corns, planters warts, and all the other gross diseases of the foot)
  • When he's been wearing shoes with no socks, only one foot stinks

  • He's the only kid in nursery who has one

  • According to the latest Olympic debate, he'll have the "advantage" in athletics

  • If you ever get paired with him in a three legged race, it will be more like a two legged race.
  • He'll win any standing or hopping on one leg contest

  • His legs are two different colors

  • If (heaven forbid) he decides to wrestle in high school, it will be easy for him to "drop weight" - He can just take his foot off
  • He can't sprain or break his ankle
These are all the advantages I could think of in just 5 minutes. Given more time, I 'm sure there are many more to list. It's pretty awesome. He's doing so well.


Kris said...

Oh Katie,
That post....while beautifully written in the spirit of love that only a mother can know.......left me with chills, and tears, and smiles from ear to ear. You are both to be commended. He has fared so well, largely due to the fact that you have prepared him to fare so well. What an example of optimism you are! Truly...wonderful that he is developing just as normal as normal can be. And truly wonderful as well, that you are his Mama!!!!

Kelly said...

Such a great kid- so amazing in so many ways! Just love reading about all he can do that I can't- and I don't have all the superhuman powers that come with only one foot! He is fantastic! He is just so funny and full of life- can't wait to follow him on more adventures, especially the ones that take him to the Olympics!

Erin said...

Love the list of advantages! You guys have done great with him, some parents would shelter him and make it a disability, but you guys have done him good!

Heidi said...

He is so adorable, as are the rest of your kids. and with everything you do, you would NEVER know he had a prosthetic leg. He is definitely all boy!!

Jen said...

You are so positive about this experience. You and your cute little Reid are so amazing and it just shows that his cute personality was meant for something like this. Love your list of advantages, they're great.

Amanda B. said...

Such an amazing kid with an amazing mom! What an awesome idea to put them all in the PE class! :)

jeanine said...

How fun to put them in a PE class! I'll bet it helps them burn off all that energy!

Kelly said...

I love the list of advantages of 1 foot! I was laughing! Reid (and you) are super strong individuals!

Autumn said...

So great how normal it is!! I love it how he is exceling-and so cool that no one would have guessed that about him while he was doing so well!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I just want you to know that you are an absolutly WONDERFUL and AMAZING mother and the lord knows where he sends certain trials. You look at this and smile and that is perfect because that is what you are teaching your son to do! I love your optimism and totally look up to you!

amelia said...

I love your positive outlook. You totally made me laugh. Reid is just an adorable kid.

Melissa said...

Katie, I loved reading your blog tonight, you have a great gift of writing. Thanks for sharing it with me, you made me laugh as well as ponder. Someday we should get together for that FHE. Until then, I'll just catch up with you here.

The drama known as Greens.... said...

Girl! I don't know whether to laugh or cry or do both! All I can say is that my life is better here in TX because I know you guys! I often forget Reid is a one-leg-wonder! You're positive outlook on what life has brought you makes me a better person! I agree with the first comment!


Karen said...

He is quite amazing! You are such a great writer! Katie, I love your hair. You look awesome!

Danielle said...

Katie, I remember that list of things he could do was one of the first posts I ever read from you. I love reading your posts and this one especially makes me giggle, smile and see what a great mama you are!