Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The New Leg

A little early Christmas present for Reid...he got a new leg today. Yippee! His last one was getting so small. We were squeezing his chubby little thighs into it everyday. He used to beg us to put it on, now he was begging us to take it off. He was developing sores all around the top of it. Most insurance companies only cover one prosthetic leg per year. Are you kidding me? Babies grow so incredibly fast. When he got that, he weighed something like 25 pounds and wore a size 5 shoe. Now, he weighs more like 37 pounds and wears a size 8 shoe. Sounds like someone needs a new leg. Thanks to a combination of great insurance and an amazing prostheticist, we got a new one just 6 months after the first. Reid's doctor, Dr. Fowler, personally called our insurance explaining our need for a new one. Awesome! And they said OK. Even more awesome! So we brought the new leg home today.

I have never experienced another doctor's office quite like this one. It's like stepping back in time. It's a family run practice. Dr. Fowler's wife runs the front desk and his son manages the lab where they make the legs and whatever else. It was snowing when we got there and had been for some time. While I was at the appointment, the son shoveled a path for me from the door to my car and along both sides of my car for when I put my kids in. The appointment was running long and I had to feed Grayden (it always seems to work that way). Someone from the office noticed and came in to feed him while I was taking care of Reid. And the appointment was over before he was finished eating so they let me occupy the room even longer to finish feeding him. Everyone acts excited when my boys show them the cars or whatever other toys they brought. Dr. Fowler will listen to Reid jabber on and on to him. He talks right to Reid even though he's not even two yet. When I was leaving, the son was watching for me and came running out to help me carry my kids and extra bag of prosthetic leg accessories to the car. They gave my kids suckers and 2 stickers each. Everyone at this office is out of control nice and accommodating. It is unreal and a breath of fresh air. Costumer service is just not that good these days.

Besides that, Dr. Fowler is amazing at what he does. He said he was an auto mechanic for years before he went to school. He got interested in prosthetics because of the mechanics involved. He has had to design special legs for Reid because they are so little. It's very rare to fit a kid so young for a prosthetic. So Dr. Fowler has had to come up with special locks and things to fit inside such a small leg. It's awesome. I have learned more about prosthetics than I ever imagined I would have to. I find it completely fascinating.

While my camera is still out of service, I remembered I have that sweet camera feature on my computer. So I do have pictures of the new leg and a couple other pictures of my two oldest crazies. It's too bad I can't bring the computer outside for a snow picture.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Do a Little Dance...

Get Down Tonight!


Autumn said...

Hooray for a new leg! Another benefit of his situation-he gets to replace his leg if he doesn't like his. That would be nice, ya know? Really, it sound like you have a GREAT doctor!! So refreshing to hear of such caring doctors. I'm so glad he insisted on getting the insurance to pay for another one. That is so absurd they'd expect someone so tiny to not grow out of one sooner?! Nice tree!!

DKALC2007 said...

Cute pics- love the smile on Reid with the new leg- he is darling!

rachel said...

Wow i want a doctor like that. Amazing.

~Pedersens~ said...

your boys are so cute! glad Reid was able to get a new leg, it sounds like you guys have a GREAT doc!!

jeanine said...

That is so awesome about your doctor... and hurray for a new leg!