Friday, December 26, 2008

A Homemade Christmas

I had another one of those moments on Tuesday of those moments where you step back to take a look at your life and wonder when did my life get here? I was standing at the kitchen counter fixing the same dinner my mom made every Christmas Eve my entire life with my kids bouncing off the wall from Christmas excitement in the living room and Spencer off to the store to run a last minute Christmas errand and I couldn't believe this was really my life. It was like a dream sequence or something. Am I really the adult in all of this? It doesn't seem possible. When did I start making all the Christmas preparations? And sending MY husband out to pick up whatever item it was that we still needed to make the holiday perfect?

I realize Tuesday is not actually Christmas Eve. Years Christmas's ago in fact...Spencer and I were both way too stubborn to take on the other's Christmas Eve traditions so we decided to scrap them both and start our own. But we both missed our family traditions and a few years ago (thanks to the tradition of an old college room mate) decided to start an Eve of Christmas Eve party. It's a great opportunity to combine the family traditions Spencer and I miss the most. Why we couldn't have done that for Christmas Eve that first Christmas together, I don't know, but it turns our Christmas into a three day celebration and we love it.

So on this Eve of Christmas Eve we have a casual candlelight...and stay up playing games and watching movies and eating snacks and we all sleep in the living room by the light of the Christmas tree. (Thanks Uncle Mike for providing our entertainment for the was more than obvious that your gifts were a game and a movie so we decided to open them early for this occasion...they were perfect.) As usual, Parker out lasted the entire family and stayed up way past his bedtime...making him tired enough to go to bed early on Christmas Eve (just an added bonus of our little party.) The night was perfect. Though I sometimes wonder how my life could got to this point so quickly, I love where it's at. My family is so fun.

I was so glad this night was so perfect. Reid has been running a fever ever since. The kind of fever with cold chills that makes you sleep day in and day out. We had to put him to bed two hours early on Christmas Eve. He missed out on all of Wednesday night's festivities and had to have help opening most of his presents on Christmas morning. I'm afraid Thursday was a bit of a let down. But it was nice after all the Christmas busy-ness to have a lazy day.

As is our tradition, the missionaries came over for a delicious Christmas breakfast of Spencer's crepes stuffed with fruit and cream. The elders were a lot of fun. I wish we could have kept them all day. But the poor guys were BOOKED!

Spencer's off work until after the New Year...just another perk of working for a university. And I am looking forward to some much needed down time...if down time even exists for a mother of three crazies.

And since I've been so out of the blogosphere lately...a little update in pictures:

We dined with Santa

Thanks to mom's little challenge, I found these at a Goodwill:

And transformed them into these:
We had friends over to build gingerbread houses
I made myself a dress (and hate the posed picture, but Spence took this when I wasn't looking and you can hardly see the dress but at least it's proof.)I dressed the crazies for church. None of them got new Christmas clothes this year, but it was as good as new. Well Parker's was new...just a year old. We had made a purchase at Janie and Jack after Christmas as we do every year....fully lined wool dress pants for little boys that normally cost $60 go on sale for $8-$15 every January. We had totally forgotten about this purchase and remembered it just in time for Christmas. But the other two had lovely Christmas hand-me-downs from Parker and since they've never been worn in Texas, it was almost as good as new.

Proof that their hair was fixed at one point (but no time for posed pictures before church.)

Crazy pictures after church.

I sold another handbag. I've had a slow start to this whole Etsy thing, but the good news is a purse was selected for a front page show case about two weeks ago. I was on a high for a few hours after that.
Spencer and I built a table/desk for the boys for Christmas (And check out those cans on mom put these together...tin cans and hardware connected to magnets...they boys have had so much fun making magnetic tin robots/ aliens for the past two days.)
A nice cubby hole for's definitely not without it's flaws but Spencer and I are pleased. We did this with no plans, very primitive tools and no trips back to the hardware store for more wood.

The self timer pictures as our MATCHING pj's and Reid sicker than a dog.

I made Reid's pj's with one short leg. He has this quirk that he can't handle jammies below his knee on his footless leg. Normally we just roll his pants...with another boy just a couple sizes behind him, I don't want to cut all his pj's, but since it was Christmas and the jammies were homemade, I thought he could have a special pair. He was so sick...these are the only two pictures I have of him were he's not laying down bundled in his blanket. Thank you children's Motrin for a few moments of on Christmas where Reid could perk up and enjoy it.

Parker enjoying all his presents at once.
The superhero accessories I've been working on.
I made Gray a puppy hat. He thought he was the greatest thing. He's not the kind to pull it off. He just toddled around barking at everyone and flapping his ears...all day.

And that's not the half of it. Could I have been any more busy? I doubt it.


Lauri said...

Well, it was worth the wait. So much fun to see all the pictures of the little Crazies and see the things you've been working on. The boys look adorable as always. They're changing too fast! My next visit can't come fast enough. Hope Reid is feeling better.

Russ&Ashlee said...

Sounds like you had a blast on Christmas Eve. When McKaylee and Daphnee are older I want to have so much fun like you! We got the table at there were a ton to choose from! Hope you had a wonderful christmas!

Genn said...

I'd say you have been busy! Wow. Thanks for the updates. I loved all your pictures. I'm sorry poor Reid was so sick. I hope he is getting better now and nobody else gets it. Your yearly family pictures really do tell a story.

And I know what you mean about stepping back to look at your life and wonder how did I get here? To this point. It is so crazy that is seems like yesterday I was living at home, and driving my sister to school and fighting over the phone and clothes, and now here we are with families of our own, making our own traditions.

It's scary how fast time flies. And how quickly we grow up.

Great post.

Autumn said...

I love ALL of your updates. Thanks for taking the time to share! Reading yours makes me want to catch up-but its hard for me to do so when I'm with family. :( But then I get more behind... I just might get started.

Way to go on all of your creations. I like the candle holder redo. AWESOME on the etsy homepage!!!!!!!! So cool! I feel like I know a celebrity-do they notify you?! So cool, great job. I love the play table. Fun timeS!

Kelly said...

Thanks for adding so much to your post- I am just loving reading and looking at all the pics first thing this morning! It doesn't surprise me that you have been so busy- you are always doing something fun, amazing, dynamic or cool- you are wonderful! What a fun Christmas and your newest tradition! I love the pj's and dress, and also your candlestick creation! The table looks fantastic and way to go for the purse!! I still think you just don't give yourself enough credit- but you are so great!
Hope Reid is feeling better now that the festivities are over! Poor little guy- and I can't get over how big Grayden is!! What a cutie pie!!
Oh, and don't wait so long to post again- I miss out on so much!!

jeanine said...

I'm so happy for an update from you! You guys are always having fun... I love it. I love that you've made it so that you both get to do your traditions... Rich's family doesn't really have many and mine had a TON so we do a lot of what I did growing up. I LOVE the table for the boys... you want to make one for me?
Oh and I think it's hilarious that Gray kept his puppy hat on! James would just rip that right off his head.
And congrats on selling another purse... that was my favorite one!

Sheryl said...

Hey cute little mom! You rock on all counts! You know how to make life fun and adventurous,and your family is so blessed for you being you! Love the table, and the jammies, and YOU!

Nicole said...

I totally admire you!! I wish I could make things... I've always wanted too but never had the room to set things up. Aside from Reid being sick, it looks like you had a nice Christmas. That's awesome that you sold another purse! Have you ever thought about doing diaper bags? Even simple, on the go ones? If so, I'd be interested in purchasing one. ;)

Kris said...

Awww....poor Reid!!! I hope he is much better by now. But looks like you still managed to have a fun filled Christmas. I loved your photos!
: ) Kris

Traci Elizabeth said...

Oh Katie..I am glad you are back!!!

Super cute pics....Gray and Olivia would get along great. She is 2 years old and still goes around barking like a dog.

Congrats on the etsy showcase..I would have loved to have seen it.

Lori Mower said...

I had to laugh when you said you found it hard to believe you were the parent now pulling off all of the family traditions. I felt that way for years and years. It is a weird feeling. In fact it wasn't until just recently that I haven't felt that way and now 1/2 of my kids are gone!! Sounds like you had a great Christmas...hopefully that will continue on to a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Wow, totally impressive, glad you all had fun but sad the little man was sick, no fun! All your stuff rocks! Merry Late Christmas!

Amanda B. said...

Wow! What an awesome Christmas!! (Except for poor Reid...who wants to be sick on Christmas?! I hope he is feeling better!) Congrats on selling a bag- you are truly talented- the bags are awesome!! Love the PJ's! :)

Kim said...

You put me to shame... Gene and I talk about Christmas traditions... and then never do them. Your family is adorable I love the matching pajamas. Well done on the dress I haven't attempted a full blown dress for myself in years my tailoring skills need some serious work. Since I missed Christmas have a Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

My oh my! You HAVE been busy! I love all t he pictures! I love all your traditions.. and the crepes for breakfast sound delicious! I really love the matching pj's and family pics... priceless! And you guys made that table! Again, another talent you have... you are like a stepford wife! I hope Reid is feling better and you guys have a great week while your husband is off work!

Megan said...

You are so talented! Will you come give me lessons?

Amber Nish said...

OK, you officially amaze me!! I think it is so great that you keep busy with such wonderful things! I hate that you had a sick one though, no fun at all! Thanks for having us come for gingerbread house making, we really had a great time, and hope to get together again soon!! Maybe you will inspire some creativity in me...I have yet to find it, but you never know! Thanks again!!

Kim said...

Wow Reid gets motion sickness bad enough that he got sick sledding... poor kid. That probably means he doesn't do so hot on swings either (those get to me).

Abbey said...

So much fun, sorry Reid was so sick. I loved your first family picture except I felt so bad for Reid. Wow, you built your own desk but then again you did a shed too. You guys are so handy. Glad you had three days of Christmas. Hope you are feeling better too. Have a good new year.