Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Few Good Friends

My Christmas stuff has been down for an entire week...I decided it was time to take my Christmas blog header down, too.

Our tree came down last Saturday by default. The crazies finally tipped it over. In Ohio, we used to tie it to the wall but didn't do that here in Texas. I can't believe we made it two whole days past Christmas before it fell. And the really crazy thing is it was still alive. I don't think we've ever had a tree that alive by Christmas. I was expecting the opposite here in this heat. (Yes, it's 80 degrees today.)

The truth is, I was ready to take it down...just too lazy. Is that not the worst part of Christmas? I hate putting my house back to normal. It seems so empty after the holidays.

We had some friends over for New Years Eve. I don't think I've had that much fun ringing in the New Year since the year I camped out at the Rose Parade. (Didn't Kip get his his marshmallows confiscated by the cops?) Spencer and I have never done anything great for New Years in all our married or dating years.

This year we had a few friends over for games and fondue. For the first time in a long time we actually have some friends. I think it's hard to make friends...especially with people that Spencer and I both enjoy. Most often one or the other of us will enjoy them, but not both of us. But I think we've found some real friends here. I've really struggled to feel like I fit in in Texas. And while I still don't think Texas suits me, these friends do.

Thanks for the laughs...and not just on New Years. I know Emily is not a blogger, but Ashlee is. So thank you. You've made Texas much, much, much more bearable. I think I can be relatively happy anywhere with a few good friends.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture. So the faces of my new friends will remain a mystery to all of you who don't live around here.


Nicole said...

Well said! It's hard living an area where you feel that you don't quite fit. I, for one, can fully understand that. I'm glad you guys have some good friends! That is so important.

Traci Elizabeth said...

well...Ashlee's face is not a mystery because I just checked out her blog and her cute little family.

I am glad you are making friends. we have the same problem...I like them, CAmeron doesn't. Cameron found a friend in the academy last year and his wife and I hit it off we see them all the time. Its amazing how much good friends can influence your lives.

Happy New Years Katie...I hope its a great one for you.

jeanine said...

Rich and I have always had this problem... we like one but the other is crazy--or something like that. We had some good friends in Norman when we were first married but it's been 4 years since we've moved...we still haven't made a good couple friends here. Bummer.

Cynthia said...

Ummm, I think a tree is actually dead the moment a saw blade cuts through the trunk and it is hauled out of the forest.
Nevertheless, Happy New Year! Glad you had fun. Dave and I rented a movie and slept through it then had to drive across town to pick up kids from their activities. Yipee!

Kelly said...

I am glad you found friends there that you both like- that is so hard, huh?! We have many here now, and we spent New Years with the Arriola's and the Myers- it couldn't have been better- actually, we even stayed about 8 hours there!!
I didn't take any pics, either- funny!

Amanda B. said...

I am shocked that our tree never did get knocked over! I know what you mean about putting everything away. I don't like it either. Generally, I don't mind going back to normal, it is just so much work to get it there. Congrats on finding friends to have over! I look forward to seeing their faces in a post someday. Love your new background!! :)

Kelly said...

It's hard to make new friends! I'm glad I'm still in Corona where I still have some great friends! But it sounds like it was a good New Years!