Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What I Like About You

It's Reid's turn. He went in for his two year old pictures a few weeks ago. That was a disaster. Fit after fit after fit. These were the best I got. He somehow got out of the car with his toy trains. He wouldn't give them up for the pictures. The full body shot includes the trains in his pockets. These are the ONLY TWO pictures that didn't have trains in them. And the head shot is only by can bet the trains are in his hands. He refused to wear shoes and insisted on keeping his holey socks on. I was fighting so many other things, that was the least of my worries. He wouldn't pose or smile or anything. I worked up a full on sweat for these two pictures. Stinker.

My purpose for this post certainly isn't to complain. Besides a six month picture, I only get pictures of the crazies on their birthdays. What a great time to record how fantastic my kids are.

Reid has an incredible music sense. From the time he was old enough to bounce his little body, he's been able to do it on beat. He loves music. He loves to sing. He can identify instruments when we're listening to the radio. His favorite songs currently include: Hospital Bed, I Dig Rock and Roll Music, Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam (who doesn't love that one?), I am a Child of God, and anything by the Wiggles. If he hears a song he knows, you can bet he's singing. He can always recognize music. If he's watching a new movie he can tell us where he's heard those songs on Daddy's iPod. He knows which songs everyone in the family likes. We'll be listening and he'll say...."Mommy's favorite!" And get really excited. I love hearing him sing. And I love watching his adorable little body bounce to the music. He does it where ever there is the car, in the store, on a movie, where ever. Love it.

He is really good at remembering to say 'Thank You'...without being prompted.

He's currently wearing a wig and is insisting I call him "Fun Shine Bear." Gotta love that.

Reid loves his brothers. He will follow Parker and repeat his every move. He is very loving towards Gray.

He is a momma's boy. Big time. Reid gives great hugs...but mainly just to me.

Reid seems to be a very right-brained kid. Very creative. He could color for hours.

He always eats his whole cheeseburger when we go out to eat. Money well spent.

Reid is fearless. From the time he could jump, he's never been afraid to jump off anything.

Reid is a free spirit. He's easy going and easy to love. He almost always lets Parker choose what movie to watch, book to read or game to play without throwing a fit. He let's Parker choose first when choosing which ball to play with, bowl to eat out of or which Popsicle each of them get.

He's a great sleeper.

He looks adorable in hats...and will keep them on when we go out.

Lately, Reid has made quite an effort to be helpful. Especially with Gray.

Reid has crazy-great morning hair.
Don't know where he gets that;)

He has a great laugh. He's such a happy kid.

I love Reid. We get along great. I'm so glad I have him here to love.


Traci Elizabeth said...

Those pics turned out GREAT! He really is a good looking kid. The way you described him, I really think he has the same traits as you, especially looking cute in hats and finishing his cheeseburger!

Autumn said...

Wow. I am in love with Reid. I sure enjoyed that info on him. What a great post. And a great idea to write about your kids on their picture posting days! :) How amazing about the music sense and identifying instruments?! Isn't that genuisely abnormal? Wow. And helpful-so cute!! I really love that kid. I didn't know any of this before except that he loved to draw for hours-WoW. Also makes him lovable!

I love those pictures. I think they're darling. And its kind of fun to have a personality story behind pictures. Hey, how about posting one with the trucks in hand?

Jeffrey Benson said...

He sounds like he takes after a certain awesome uncle of his!

Kelly said...

I find those to be priceless pictures, Katie! He is so adorable, and I think they are amazing! He has always been a sweet little boy, and so much of an observer too- I love his quiet little ways, and his sweet smile! I love the list of things about him- I was thinking of doing that for Alex next week when he turns 8- boo hoo!! Loved it!!

Kim said...

Cute kid! He sounds like he has a fun personality. I love that he had the toys in his pocket for the picture. I got smarter tonight... Gene is at the pharmacy with Emma picking up her Rx I let him pick between our cub scout meeting and going to the store. My meeting was much shorter.

utmomof5 said...

Sounds like a great kid -- he must have a great mom. :) I like the pictures, when he is older the stories behind the pictures will be the best memory!


Cynthia said...

Luckily a photo only takes a fraction of a second. Looks like you had a good photographer to catch a great look at just the right moment.
One of my favorite photos of our childhood is of Garry, Lauri and I sitting in the back of a station wagon. It's adorable. Dad said we were all behaving horribly before it was snapped.
You guys have a cute, cute, cute son. And apparently has the mind of a genius too.

Lauri said...

I love this little guy. What a great mom you are to acknowledge all of his wonderful traits.

jeanine said...

What a cute boy! I think the pictures are great! Sounds like he is going to be a creative genius someday! (William loves to sing too... the other day he kept humming a song and I finally realized that it was a song I had listened to earlier that day. Maybe the two of them will have to sing together...)

Betheny & Jacob said...

Awesome, awesome pictures!! Those two turned out so great. You would never know you had trouble getting them. What a great idea to list all his endearing qualities on every birthday. That would make a great journal entry for him every year! Sounds (and looks) like one adorable kid. You can send them to my house anytime for pre-school or not!

Erin said...

Great pictures! He sounds like such a fun kid.

The Cochran Family said...

So special! Two is the hardest picture age. I have to get Ethan's...anyway...this is such a great description of Reid! He is so sweet! Happy Birthday!

Pedersens said...

Love the pictures! Too Cute. Its funny it seems that at a certain age kids always have to carry something around with them, too funny how you had to put his trains in his pockets. :) He seems like a great kid!

Abbey said...

The pictures turned out great. However, I can picture you in that heated debate over the trains. It is so nice to read all those wonderful things about him. He is definetly a sweet guy.

Brady and Chrissie Broadbent said...

Reid is so cute! He is very photogenic. You gotta love the middle kid, especially if they are #2! What a stud, and the pictures capture his fun personality and killer hair do!