Thursday, March 27, 2008

New House Rule

I've been having a hard time getting Gray on an eating schedule. He enjoys his rice cereal, but I just can't seem to be consistent about feeding him. My mom thought that was funny...funny that I was having a hard time with this.

Yesterday I was feeding Gray...completely preoccupied at the high chair. I let the boys have popsicles. We have a tile entry way and for some reason, the boys think it's fun to eat their popsicles on it. We don't let them eat on the carpet, but it's just tile so that's fine. After Gray's all cleaned up, I went to check on the crazies. This is what I find:

Now that's why I have a hard time feeding Grayden. I can't leave the other two unsupervised for even a moment. Those were bomb pops all over our white, flat-finish walls. The blue and white hardly even show up in the pictures. It was awful. Not easy to clean up. But I put the crazies right to work.

Yes, That's Park licking the wall.

No, I don't make Parker dress like a slave when he cleans the house. We've been watching Enchanted this week. Parker surprisingly loves it. And of all the characters, the weasely little Nathaniel is his favorite. Park thinks he's funny. He's been pretending to be Nathaniel. He's been digging through the costume box and came up with this 'Nathaniel' costume all on his own. This is what he looked like earlier that day:

New house rule: No food in the entry way.

In fact, the rest of the popsicles are MINE!


Autumn said...

AHHH!!! Little rascals!! I love the pictures, especially the one of the big drop. That's great that they actually helped clean up!

Erin said...

At first i giggled but then remebered my own messy surprises. Good job making them clean it, most mom's don't!!

just to make you feel like your not alone here are my top 3 worst finds all produced by Autumn:
1. A Costco size dish detergent all over my suede loveseat(I was in the shower)
2. Nailpolish(red)all over my new bathroom(counter, mirrior, carpet,wood drawers)I was putting together her new room.
3. An 18 count carton of eggs smashed all over the floor, with her`sitting in it.(This is so bad because she is allergic) I hosed her in the bathtub, gave Austin to a neighbor and rushed her to the ER, my neighbor cleaned up the mess.

Isn't it amazing what cute kids can accomplish in a few short moments. Enjoy your popsicles!!

jeanine said...

OH NO!!! What a mess. Way to make them clean it up... I would have been so mad to find a mess like that! I don't know if I would have remembered to take pictures.

I love Parker's Nathaniel costume! So great... and such a cute movie!

ps. I have a hard time keeping James on a consistent eating schedule too... it will be nice when he can feed himself.

jeanine said...

oh and don't you hate flat paint?!

Kelly said...

I hate flat paint for that reason alone!! I can't imagine the conversation you had with them about what happened! I would've lost it- seriously, that part of motherhood drives me crazy!! I ban popsicles in the house- only in the summer and only outside!! I hate them for the mess they inevitably make- but your boys looked adorable despite the mess!!

Abbey said...

That is great. I hope it wasnt when I was talking to you on the phone. They always seem to be so creative!!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Now do you understand why I am so worried about having a boy?? they are so mischievious!!! I have to admit though... I can't stop laughing about that!! Who gets an idea to paint the wall with popsicles?? Genious

utmomof5 said...

I am soooooo sorry!!!!! It is amazing the things kids can do in such a short time frame!!! Good for you to make them clean it up. When Tiffany painted my wood floors I sent her to her room and did it myself. It was for her own safetey though -- I was contemplating killing her.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness I know it was probably very frustrating but that is funny. Hey at least they are artistic right. I love the costume...I also love the idea of a costume box, sounds fun.

Lauri said...

This story made me LAUGH!!! I was wondering when those two little rascals would begin making mischief like that!

Traci Elizabeth said... the live feed thing-- get rid of it!! You will be able to tell how much I stalk your blog now!

Amanda B. said... From a distant- so incredibly funny- though I am sure, not for you at the time. Ha ha ha. (I shouldn't laugh- I am sure my time is coming....) Thanks for sharing!!!

rachel said...

oh my. is this what i have to look forward to?

Pedersens said...

That is funny, that things kids come up with. I like the movie Enchated too, it was cute.