Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have never really got into the whole scrapbooking thing. It's way too overwhelming of a task to undertake. Plus with the awesome and easy photo books you can put together on your computer and have delivered to your door...who needs scrapbooks? But I love the papers and colors and ribbons and embellishments. I LOVE it. But one little task here and there is all I ever get around to. Never a full scrapbook.

When Parker was born, my Aunt Debbie made me this:

Then when Reid was born, Mom made me this:

And Grayden couldn't be left out. So last week when mom was visiting, I made this (with her opinions, encouragement, and purchase of supplies...thanks mom):

I love making them. The pictures don't do them justice. They're cuter up close and in person. If you click on the picture you get a little better idea of what they look like. Are those fun or what?


Autumn said...

Most definitely fun, not what. These are SO cute!!!

I feel similar to scrapbooking. I have LOTS of supplies. But unfortunately they don't get as much use as they should. Many can be used for other things (as I successfully put them to use in another way this morning), most ideally for cards. I like using the supplies on cards because its easy and less overwhelming because well, the project is done, wehereas there are always more pictures. But I am totally with you on the idea that the goodies are really fun to use in other ways.

Which is probably why I just might attempt to do this myself. I absolutely love Gray's picture-that quilt is awesome. And its amazing to me how Parker looks so much like himself. Sure, it is him, but not all kids look like their baby pix.

I absolutely love this and will probably copy you again-sometime...

jeanine said...

What a great idea! I love it! I am constantly behind on my scrapbooking... but I still like to do it now and again.

Traci Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of scrapbooking, but the actual process of getting it done stinks, because if you think about it- you will never be done. Its always on going, like housework and laundry. I love those frames, super cute.

By the way....I never noticed how similar Grayden and Parkers names are----
Parker Braden
Grayden Clark
Were you running out of ideas?=)..Just kidding.

The Cochran Family said...

Sooooo cute, you are a natural. We have this scrappy thing in common:
-family does it, we do not
- last christmas I decided to do one for my dad of pictures of his late mamma turned out good, but $40 later and a lot of time I decided that I would just stick to digital stuff :) Very very good job though! Oh BTW, look looked so amazing in that green dress, skiny and beautiful! Way to go!

Kelly said...

Those are amazing! You don't give yourself enough credit! I loved them! I just finished another intial frame for one of Dana's colleagues who is nice, I have to admit! I will add it to my set of done ones. I do love the pictures of the boys in them too!

Amanda B. said...

Love the pictures! I would love to have something like that with my kids. They are awesome! I also love the one to the right with Gray screaming in the middle- classic! :)
I, too, am not into scrapbooking so I don't even try. I just have them printed and put them in a sleeve in an album with a caption. At least that way my books stay pretty well caught up. Not as pretty, but it works! :) Scrapbooking is just way too overwhelming and takes a talent I just don't have !:) Oh well....

SHIRLEY'S said...

SUPER CUTE! I love those. I have been scrapbooking for YEARS, and haven't for a really long time. I think I'll get it all out soon and start Jackson's book. THanks for the inspiration.

Abbey said...

I always loved those pictures. I think you are so creative. I wish had a small dose of your creativity.