Friday, January 25, 2008

I <3 Jeff

I realize all my posts these days revolve around my big move to Texas, but that's what's consuming my life for the moment.

I've been meaning to post about our trek out here since we made it, but so far, have not. My ultra hip little brother Jeff flew out to make the trip with us. For those of you who don't know Jeff (who apparently now goes by 'Jeffrey')...he is, in all honesty, the coolest person I know, despite the fact that he's an Obama supporter. To quote the Robots movie that Parker insisted we watch on repeat all the way to Texas, he's "a little artsy fartsy. The artsy part's OK, but when [he] gets fartsy..." I wish I had pictures to show you just how hip he is. I didn't take any pictures of the trip. My camera was out of batteries and I had already packed the extras. I'd dig up old embarrassing pictures, but I haven't unpacked them. I pulled this one off his blog. (You can check out just how cool he is here, or here, or here.)

It was so nice to have an extra grown-up around. Besides helping us load and unload the truck, Jeff was our errand boy. I sent him all over Columbus completing my list of things to do before skipping town. I also made him wash windows, entertain children, sleep on the floor, drive the moving truck (in spite of his poor driving record), try not to laugh when the crazies were being naughty, figure out how to buckle car seats, put up with my dog, have no control over music or television, make bottles, feed kids, share a hotel room with our crazy family, referee fights, you name it...he did it...without a moments hesitation. Literally. And I heard not a word of complaint. Even when my crazies woke him up at 5:30am (which is 3:30am Arizona time). We were busy from before sunset (thanks to the kids) until long after sundown. We were all tired and exhausted and I heard no complaining escape his lips.

I am so grateful he was there. I'm not a big fan of driving. I refused to drive the truck and could only drive our SUV for a couple hours at a time before I needed a break. It was nice to have Spencer in the car sometimes when Jeff was driving the truck. And nice to have someone else meet the needs of my crazies while I was driving. Not only did it make the trip easier, but much more pleasant.

After a loooooonnng trip, he got right to work unloading the truck with us. Once again, it would not have been possible without Jeff. I can't even imagine getting a piano out of a moving truck and into a house with just Spencer and I. And even after that, when I felt shear exhaustion, he played with the kids. Jeff and I share the same weakness for a box of dress up clothes. And we have not one, but two 30 gallon Rubbermaid containers full of costumes. Shortly after unloading those from the truck, Jeff and the boys dug in. Just hours after that, when we were all ready to crash, he hopped on a plane to get back to his own life.

On top of the convenience, I have not spent that much time with my little brother probably since we were the crazies in the back seat making all the demands. It was way past fun being with Jeff again. My boys thought so, too. They hardly knew Uncle Jeff, but have since named one of their Little People 'Uncle Jeff' and fight over him. So thanks for that.

A million thank you's to Jeff (and to mom and Grandma for flying him out). It was a huge blessing.


Traci Elizabeth said...

I always thought Jeff..I mean Jeffrey...was a cool kid. How could he not be?? He is a Benson! But, Obama??? Try to talk some sense into the kid, Katie, he is still young!

Way to go Jeff...Brother of the Year!

Betheny & Jacob said...

Aren't brother's great? I'm glad you had him to help you and I'm glad things are looking up for you in TX. It makes me so relieved to know that you have people to interact with and that can help you.

P.S. You've been tagged! You have to post 10 random things about yourself on your blog. Read my blog to get more info. Happy blogging!

Erin said...

I know how helpful little bros can be. Mine are great. Brain now lives in Boise and it is so weird for me, that he isn't dropping in. I am so gald I was not an only child.

rachel said...

Aw yay that's awesome!

Jeffrey Benson said...

Awwwe...Shucks. Truth be told, I am pretty great.
And Traci, it's you that needs some sense...let me guess...Romney?!

Jessica said...

What a awesome brother. I am so happy he was able to come and help you out and you were able to spend some time with him. That is so great. It sounds like you are slowly getting acclimated to Texas. That is fun that there a few familiar faces in your ward. Change is so tough but you are so outgoing and so much fun it won't belong before you will feel right at home in Texas.

jeanine said...

What a great brother!

Amanda said...

I love little brothers! :) Don't know what I would do without my siblings. I am so glad he was able to come and help. I was wondering how things went in your new ward and I am so glad they are welcoming. I agree with Kelly that our ward struggles with that a bit. I love reading about how you are doing! (I am getting a lot of pressure to start a blog- Autumn did offer to help.....maybe.... we'll see!)