Friday, January 25, 2008

We're The Best Of Friends

I've now been here long enough to really start missing my friends. Abbey, Autumn, and Kelly all posted about playgroup back in Ohio yesterday and I felt like I really missed out. I haven't really had much interaction outside my family since we moved down here and I'm about to lose my mind. I am a social person and have an inherent NEED for social interaction. I think it's time for me to start a playgroup out here. Don't worry can never be replaced. (The picture is of my very dearest friends back in Ohio. Kelly and Abbey threw me a luncheon before I left. Thanks again.)

I'm not sure If my kids quite get the whole move. I think Parker does for the most part, but every once in a while I hear him say things like...when we go back to Ohio.... And he still talks about Ben and "Baby Ross" as though he just hasn't seen them for a couple weeks but he's expecting them to be at church on Sunday. For Parker, Texas might as well be one street over. He knows we're not going back to our old house, but he has no idea how far away Texas is from Ohio.

I think Reid is still too young to think much about it. We've been reading a children's book A LOT lately about a little girl who moves far away and when we get to the part about saying goodbye to friends, Reid always says goodbye to "Baby Ross." ( I put that in quotes because he's not a baby, but he's named after his dad so we've always called him that.)

Baby Ross is a best friend to both of my older two boys. He's lived a few houses down their whole lives and he was born right in between them. Actually when they all play, it helps Parker and Reid get along better. We're really going to miss having a neighborhood friend to grow up with.

A BIG thanks to all my Ohio friends and their kids.
We miss you guys out here.


Erin said...

It's hard when you move. I am now after almost 4 months feeling like I am building a new friend circle. The girls are great but all of the kids are in school or preschool so that makes it hard for playdates. Just take every opportunity to get together, and those ladies will love you for your great personality. Hang in there-it gets easier!!

Kelly said...

We miss you, too!! We talked about you yesterday at playgroup, and I gave Delinda your blog address, so don't be surprised if she catches up on you too! Amazing friends are hard to find, but worth keeping despite the space of distance- you are one of those to all of us- you are really wonderful, and I know you, so I know you will find lasting friendships there in Texas, too- those boys' mom is one hot mamma, and getting a playgroup together might just be one way to let the women in Texas know that!! Let me know how it goes!!

Autumn said...

These pictures are darling. I think your Texas friends are going to love you like crazy if you start a playgroup. I need to make a better effort to go to this more regularly. I've been missing out. I love it that childrens books explain things like this. I'm glad Reid doesn't realize-enough to affect much him anyway.