Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Thing About Grandmas

I never notice how badly I need to replace my dish towels (or all my linens really) until company comes to visit. Thanks RubyAnn for pretending not to notice. Spencer's parents have been here visiting this past week. I consider his parents and my parents to be quite different. But there are things I have noticed that must be inherent in grandparents.

Grandma and Reid at the Zoo

  • don't like to hear a baby cry. They are willing to stand all night if necessary to keep a baby happy.
  • love to sit surrounded by grandkids and sing songs or read stories.
  • bring gifts that come out of their suitcases almost immediately upon arrival.
  • help with chores...mainly dishes...without being asked. They even pretend to like it.
  • remind you that your kids quirky, everyday habits are cute and funny.
  • never tire of cuddling with a grandkid.
  • like to make delicious Sunday dinners.
  • keep their purses stocked with candy, gum, and/or fruit snacks to hand over to children at the first sign of restlessness.
  • are always willing to bounce a grandkid on their legs when asked...or climbed upon...even if their legs are tired.
  • sometimes laugh at the naughty things your kids do.
  • have solutions to every parenting problem.
  • stock your fridge and cupboards with groceries.
Thank Heaven for Grandmas.

Grandpa and Reid at the Zoo

Spencer's dad is my children's only living Grandpa, so I don't have so much comparing to do. Ben stayed very busy with little projects around the house that we've "been meaning to get to" for four years now. He wasn't asked...he saw a need and filled it. He loved to tease the boys and they loved every minute of it. And he couldn't resist sneaking them each a little cash...with which they bought PEZ. I am willing to bet that my father would have done the same.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Smith for the fun-filled week and for all the generous things you did for our family.

As a side note...Reid is not necessarily their favorite grandkid...as I mentioned before, my camera is broken and this is all I got.


Lisha said...

Your list about Grandmas is SO true!

jeanine said...

It's true! My parents and Rich's are SO different but there are those similarities that just come with being a grandparent.