Wednesday, November 7, 2007

About Me

Thanks Jenn for tagging me. I've seen these tagging games going around and I've never been tagged. I was starting to think I must be pretty unpopular in the blogosphere. Thanks for making me feel cool.

6 random things about me:
  1. As a kid I had a secret desire to find out I was allergic to all cleaning products and I would never have to clean the bathroom or do the dishes again. Truthfully, I still think that would be nice.
  2. I love to set the table. It has always been my favorite chore. I love dishes. I have dishes in just about every color: white, red, teal, brown, green, blue, clear (glass). I have Hawaiian dishes, nautical dishes, striped dishes, snowman dishes, china, my great grandma's pink floral dishes, and various other picnic dishes, children's dishes, holiday dishes, and serving dishes. I set the table special for every holiday. Watch out Martha Stewart.
  3. My dream job is a little out of the ordinary. I'm not sure it's a real job, but I bet someone has to do it. I'd love to be some kind of international events coordinator. Like when ambassadors and important people come to America from other countries...I want to plan them a party. I think I'd like to work in the White House. I do have a little bit of an interest in politics. I love table setting (obviously) and party planning. And I have a communications degree. My favorite classes in college were my intercultural communications classes (in fact, that's what I plan to get a masters in one day). I love to interact with people from other cultures: find similarities and appreciate differences. I think there is a need for that in party planning. Especially in politics. You don't want to offend other cultures because of a poorly planned party.
  4. I am a published author. Not because I click "Publish Post" at the end of every blog, but some of my undergraduate research on nonverbal communication was published in a communications journal.
    John S. Seiter (Utah State Univ), Harold J. Kinzer (Utah State Univ), Katie Smith (Utah State University), Heidi Thueson (Utah State University)
    Title: Nonverbal Behavior in Live Academic Debates: The Effects of the Implicit Ad Hominem Fallacy
  5. I like to pretend I don't revolve my life around television, but I do have a few favorite shows I just hate to miss. A new show called Pushing Daisies. Cute and far so good. And 30 Rock. Hilarious. And when it's on...I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. I also enjoy Lost...we'll see if it comes back with this writers strike and all.
  6. While on the subject of TV, I have a secret desire to be the next American Idol. I'm not even hooked on the show. I'm not a good singer. I can carry a tune, but I certainly don't have what it takes. But every time it's on, I practice my audition song when I sing along to the radio...trying to decide what the best song would be for me to sing for my audition.
I'm sure you all know more about me than you care to. I'm tagging my local friends...Kelly, Autumn, and Bonnie and my friend Lisha from my college years. I know the least about you four. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. And I'm also tagging Jeff. One, because these kinds of things probably annoy him, and what are big sisters for? And two, because he's an entertaining writer and he'll probably have something good to say.


SHIRLEY'S said...

I Love it that you have so many dishes... Im totally going to start collecting dishes now! You are my inspiration Katie!

OH and you skipped #2... so that was only 5 facts, but i still liked hearing about you!

Lauri said...

wow! even your mother learned something new about you. I remember you telling me about your research but I didn't know it ever got published. Way to go!

And...I think you have now surpassed me in number of sets of dishes.

DKALC2007 said...

What does it mean that you are going to tag me? That sounds odd-help out a new blogger like me!

I loved your new post,and it's always fun to hear your American Idol Dream!!

Thanks for thinking of us today, You are such a great friend.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Katie....You are already my American Idol.

~Pedersens~ said...

Katie, glad i made you feel "cool" :] It was so fun to learn more about you & i cant believe you have so many dishes, thats awesome!

Jeffrey Benson said...

I too love 30 Rock...It's the first show I've wanted to follow since Arrested Development! I bought season 1, and I get upset if people want me to go out Thursday night. I can't use TV as an excuse not to go out...and I miss it!

Liz: We gotta do somethin'
Tracy: Let's crash my car to see if the airbags go off!

Jeffrey Benson said...

P.S. I really though you'd use being allergic to your own adrenaline as a random fact!

Autumn said...

I meant to respond to yours before doing my own. I obviously didn't. I love the cleanser allergia idea. I think its probably attainable somehow. Go for AI! But do it quick-you only have a few years left (don't you have to be under 30?) How cool to be published. I tried to click the link and messed around there for a while-no luck? Any ideas?

jeanine said...

Cool... I didn't know you were published. That's awesome. I also love that you have so many dishes... how fun!