Monday, November 5, 2007

Shades of Gray

Yesterday was Grayden's blessing. It was of course a nice blessing. Spencer's parents are in town and his dad was there to stand in the circle. Bishop Wynn and Grant Myers stood in, too. Blessings make both Spencer and I nervous. Spencer gets nervous to give blessings. He says it's something so personal to have to do in front of the whole ward. I agree. I get nervous because it's another reminder that I have a huge responsibility to raise this child and teach him all the things he'll need to know to fulfill his mission in this life. Grayden is such a sweet baby. He is just pleasant all the time (except when he's constipated...I had to add that in for Spencer who doesn't think Gray is pleasant all the time). He's really starting to smile a lot and when he's not smiling, he still just looks happy. I love that kid!

My friend lent me her camera so I got to take some pictures. A huge thank-you to Autumn. You'll be sorry...I'm in love with your camera and may not give it back.

I have no idea what kind of face Parker is making, but a family picture is nearly impossible these days. That's as good as it gets with 3 kids ages 3 and under.

My favorite Smith boys.

I'm noticing a theme...when ever we go out, I take lots of pictures of the older two, but few of Grayden because he's in the stroller sleeping. But I feel bad for only taking pictures of Parker and Reid so I always take a token picture of Grayden, too.

Gray at the: Pumpkin Festival, Doctor's office, Farm, Zoo

He's been a lot of places in his short 5 weeks of earthly existence.


Autumn said...

You know I never thought of baby blessings that way, but its so true, that is something very special to do in front of a big group. I love your pictures and am so glad you are taking so many. Now you can understand how I've taken over 100 in one day. The sports feature (running guy) is also fun. You can take one after another quickly. I love all of these photos. Your boys are so darling. It was so nice to meet Spencer's parents. Its amazing to me how he resembles both of them in looks and mannerisms.

Traci Elizabeth said...

You should borrow autumns camera more ofter, those pics of Gray are adorable!! I know a few families lately that have blessed their babies at home with their families, I can see how it would make it a little more personal.

Lauri said...

These are some pretty cute pictures. I wish I could have been there yesterday...I'm sure it was a special day.

Lisha said...

I love your pictures of Grayden. What a cute baby! I love your favorite Smith boys pics too. I especially liked the one of Spencer. I'm glad the blessing went well. You are right, it is a very personal thing.
Holy Cow! He is only 5 weeks old and you've been around to how many places? Wow! Katie you are amazing!

SHIRLEY'S said...

WOW!!! you are one busy momma! with 3 kids under the age of 3... you are truely amazing! Im not sure that i could do such a thing... but when you are in the situation you JUST DO IT! right? Those pictures are adorable! Im trying to convince Matt that i NEED a better camera! I think all moms should have a better camera dont you!?!?