Monday, September 24, 2007


As of yesterday, I am officially released as the young women president in my ward. I've been feeling pretty burned out with the calling lately. I've been serving in young women for nearly 4 1/2 years now. I've run out of ideas for activities, used all my object lessons, and shared every personal experience I've had on every gospel subject. But after so long, I gained such a deep love for the young women in my ward. Every one of my laurels was a beehive when I was called. I've watched them grow so much and seen then make so many good choices. I really do love the young women and am so grateful to have served with them for so long. That's why I'm surprised by how happy I am to be released. I thought it might be a little more bitter sweet for me. I really will miss these girls, and there is no calling I'd rather have than one with the young women. But the relief I feel far outweighs that. Maybe it's just the timing. I've been really concerned about the upcoming month. Besides my 2nd counselor, my presidency was very unavailable and not functioning well at all. I felt I was carrying the majority of the load myself. I was nervous about taking time off. Now I no longer have to worry. I am a free woman and it feels great. What a load off! And the new presidency is fantastic. I am sure they will take great care of these girls I love so much. The saddest part of the whole thing is that I don't get to serve with these awesome women.

On to other things...I promised to post an embarrassing 9 month pregnant picture. I just looked up pictures from my last pregnancy and I'm like half the size. I am dreading the weight loss. Luckily, this is the first of my three pregnancies that we haven't planned a trip within the first 7 weeks of our child's life. So I won't have to face anyone for a while. As big as I am, I unfortunately don't look like I'm about to have the baby anytime soon. Thank goodness for scheduled inductions. Once again, I chose the picture that makes me look the best. I look way, way bigger from the front than I do from the side. I'm not publishing that on the internet for the world to see for fear that it could get into the wrong hands. So as you say to yourself, "She looks awful, poor thing." just remember, this is me at my very best.


jeanine said...

Wow... I can't believe that you are released from YW. Hopefully they give you a little break before giving you another calling. Now if you could just copy all your YW ideas from your brain to mine I'd be in great shape!
ps. I think you look great for being 9 months pregnant! Serious.

Pedersens said...

wow you were in young womens for a LONG time girl! that would be a relief to be released. I am sure you were a great at it though! You look so cute prego!

Jessica said...

I don't know what you are talking about you look great you are all tummy I am sure from the back you can't even tell you are pregnant. I on the other hand am developing Back Fat. I didn't know what this was until this pregnancy and I can tell you it is not a pretty site. You are brave to post a picture of yourself. Also I am so happy you were released you really need that right now. I am sure you will be greatly missed.

Traci Elizabeth said...

don't you love are a lot braver than I. My photo will remain off the computer while I am pregnant!!

Autumn said...

First-Wow-I think you look GREAT. SERIOUSLY. I'm not a lying complimenter, either. Truly, you obviously have a preggy figure, but you still have a figure!! (Which I didn't, when someone kindly told me they could tell from BEHIND that I was pregnant-yeah.) And after your hilarious "poor thing" post I thought you must be a sight to see, but then I saw you, and I thought you looked pregnant, not "poor thing"ish.

Also, for your sake, I'm thrilled for the timing of your release. I knew it had been a while and you were such a terrific Pres and the girls love you like crazy. I think its great that the release is right at Smith #3's arrival. Do you have a name yet?

SHIRLEY'S said...

I love the picture. I think pregnant women are the cutest!

I have been in my calling for a little over a year and im over it... i cant imagine 4.5 years... but im sure they love you just as much as you love them, if not more. I would have loved to have someone like you as a leader in YW.