Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I've never quite bought into the whole "nesting" thing at the end of pregnancy. Yesterday I decided it was probably time to search the shed for our car seat, bassinet, baby bath tub, and bouncer seat. I thought maybe I'd leave it up to Spencer to find while I was in the hospital. But I figured I was the one who put them in the shed, so I probably had a better idea where these things were. I'm glad I did it. Everything needed a serious cleaning before our infant uses them and I doubt that would have occurred to Spencer. So as I'm cleaning our baby things yesterday afternoon--out of necessity--Spencer accused me of nesting.

Nesting to me seems like it's supposed to be this sudden burst of energy and out of control desire to extreme clean or get something done in order to prepare for the baby. While I have cleaned within in days of delivery with my first two, I never felt a strong desire to clean in preparation for a baby. I certainly had no maternal desire or energy to clean baby things yesterday. I did it very begrudgingly. And with my other two pregnancies, I cleaned because my mom was coming to visit and I would have cleaned whether or not I was pregnant. I haven't done any extra cleaning this time around because mom's not coming for another week. if this is what nesting is...I'm sure I'll be nesting next Wednesday before she comes. I am doing laundry today, as well. I suppose it's in preparation for a trip to the hospital tomorrow. It's been a whole week since I last did laundry and I always do laundry on Wednesday. And if I didn't do laundry today, I'm a little nervous about what Spencer may find to dress the boys (and himself) in for the next few days. If this is considered nesting, I guess that's what I'm going through.

The only thing I felt an uncontrollable desire to do this morning was shave my legs. It's been at least a month since they were last shaved. And I realize that in a couple of days, shaving will be a significantly easier task. And when I've already waited a month, what's a couple more days? But as I was showering this morning, there was nothing I could do to resist the urge. I think this is the closest thing to "nesting" that I've experienced in preparation for having a baby tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


Traci Elizabeth said...

I am an extreme victim of nesting. I am only 3 months pregnant and I have already taken all of Olivia's clothes out of our shed(and there are a lot) and boxed up the ones I don't want anymore. Good luck tomorrow... I hated being induced. I hope with this one the baby will just come. I am so excited for you-- not for the labor part, but to have your baby boy!!

jeanine said...

I nest... more out of need for some order before the baby comes. And because my mom will be coming and the house must be cleaned. Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to see Smith boy #3!

Judds said...

I wish that I went through some kind of nesting phase with devynn. When I came back from the hopital after she was born there was a serous need for a cleaning. That could have been partly because I wasn't there for two weeks. I hope that everything goes well tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. I can honestly say that I am jealous of you. I absolutely hate being pregnant but I do love having a new little baby. You look great! I'll talk to you later

SHIRLEY'S said...

I definitely was in a nesting mode for the last month of my pregnancy... we didnt have a mop and so i got down on my hands and knees scribbing the kitchen floor. and i didnt have a bucket to clean out the sponge either. so i was up and down with my over-sized belly! it was fantastic!

P.S. I got to see your mom! I havent seen her in FOREVER! she looks GREAT!! Best of luck to you!

Lisha said...

I guess you could say I did the 'nesting' thing if you count buying a new house and moving in a week before I was induced. Of course I had ZERO energy so I mostly just supervised.
I am so envious of you right now! I miss being pregnant and feeling the baby move around. Plus there is nothing like a new baby! Good luck!

DKALC2007 said...

Wishing you all the best tomorrow, Katie- and I am still planning to come see you and the new babe on Friday! Take Care!

Autumn said...

Happy Birthday Smith baby today!! I hope all goes/went well. (I'm not sure when you had/are having him.) Congrats!