Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All About Parker

Taking the kids to get pictures is a rareity in our house. So many parents are in the studio every three months for pictures to show off their adorable kids. And with prices at places like Target and great coupons from Kiddie Kandids, why not? I have no good answer, but we tend only to get pictures of our kids on their birthdays. I wasn't even good at getting baby pictures taken. So this is Parkers third annual picture. And while I continue to think he's the cutest three year old I've ever seen, I think he looks a little like a towel boy at a yuppie country club.

I'm glad we atleast had one picture turn out well. Getting that kid to hold still for a picture is next to impossible. And when you tell my three year old to "smile," he tends to give you this over-sized cheesey grin with his eyes so squinty they're practically closed.

And since this picture doesn't include Reid, I might as well make this a post all about Parker. Lately he's decided he wants to be a Rock Star when he grows up...the singing kind of rock star he says. He walks, or rather dances, around the house (or the grocery store, or church, or where ever) singing "Party Like a Rock Star," which he says he learned from the big boys at the water fountain at the mall we take them to play in sometimes. And his other favorite song of the moment is MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This," which he learned from his Dad. And he has the most awesome dance that goes with that song, which he made up himself.

Don't worry, he says he wants to be a missionary first, and then a rock star. A logical career path. Actually, he's always said he wants to be a missionary when he grows up, no matter what else he wants to be at the moment. Parker doesn't really have a long list of what he wants to be, but the other consistent career choice is a "bone doctor." He practices cutting his animals legs off and giving them new ones all the time. In fact, bear is in the process of getting a new leg as I write.

Of all the three year olds in the world, I'm really glad that Parker is mine. He is a constant ball of fire and non-stop laughs. He's great.


Jeff said...

If he ever needs rock star lessons, you know who to call...Gene simmons. However if Gene is unavailable, I'm here.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Well, I can honestly say that Parker is the first boy that I have ever seen wear capris-- you were always a trend setter katie! Parker is an adorable kid-- he is the perfect mix of you and Spencer!!

jeanine said...

Parker is too cute! I love that he wants to be a rock star. Maybe he and William will have to get together to share dance moves (the adults at storytime love to watch his moves).