Saturday, July 14, 2007

Farmer Tan

No, my boys are not wearing t-shirts, they're just that pale. Having such fair skinned boys, I find it easier (and cuter) to squeeze them into rash guards rather than slathering them in sun block when we play outside in the water. So their pudgy bellies never see the light of day. On this particular evening, the sun was setting, casting shadows over Aunt Debbie's pool. So I let them go bare skinned and free. (Spencer took a different that's not his farmer tan.) They turned into fish in Arizona, although Parker insists he's a jellyfish, not a regular fish. Debbie just sent me these pictures so I thought I'd post them. (Thanks Jeanine for teaching me how to collage my pictures!)


Traci Elizabeth said...

Tell Spencer he looks hot in his wet t-shirt!! Just kidding. Your boys are adorable... I am anxious to see what Baby Boy Smith #3 is going to look like!

jeanine said...

Looking at pictures... I think Reid looks like a Benson!