Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday Disruptions

Church doesn't get much worse than when you have to take a 17 month old to all your meetings. (Except maybe when you show up with two completely different shoes, but that's a story for another time.) Seriously. A 17 month old is WAY too old for sunday school. I can hardly sit still for the hour, so how can I expect my toddler to. So there is nothing like the relief and the joy of dropping your toddler off at nursery for the first time. Reid doesn't actually turn 18 months until friday, but it pays to have friends in high places. The nursery leader used to be one of my counselors in young women, so she snuck him in a month early. I didn't even ask, she just offered. And Reid has adjusted to nursery without a hitch. He's never looked back. Parker is a different story. I think Reid may be over stepping his bounds. The first day Reid attended, Parker insisted on the whole drive home that Reid was not big enough for nursery.

I have not attended sunday school without a kid in tote for three years now. Reid was born right when Parker turned 18 months. I actually kind of thought I didn't even like sunday school. But the last couple weeks, I've found I got more out of sunday school than any of my other meetings. So here's to about 10 more weeks of sunday school bliss before I have another child to bring.

While I'm on the subject of church, I've never been more proud of Parker disrupting sacrament meeting than I was a couple weeks ago. Some one was speaking and mentioned Abinadi. Parker blurts out in full volume, "Abinadi? Parker likes him. But not King Noah. He is not nice." And then in not so full volume, but loud enough for people in surrounding pews to hear, Parker proceeded to tell the story about Abinadi and King Noah and Alma who became a "prophet and a missionary." So score a point for family scripture study. Amid all the somersaults and dance moves and wwf matches, the kid actually learned something.

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jeanine said...

First off... yea for childless meetings! Even James, who generally just sits in his seat, is a distraction because, well, he is just so cute! Second... don't you love when you realize that your kids actually picked up on something you were trying to teach them? It's awesome (especially when others are around and realize it too!)