Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Picture Perfect

I don't anticipate writing an entry everyday, but it seems you can't have a blog without a few pictures. Now I wish I could just get Parker and Reid to understand that. They certainly did not want to sit still for a few pictures this morning.
Piano Duets
Can't we play outside?

I guess you can take my picture.


jeanine said...

Aaaggh! Your boys are ADORABLE!!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Hey Katie....love the pics. I think Parker looks a little sad because his sippy cup is PINK!!! Just Kidding. They are adorable.

Judds said...

Your boys are so cute. We are excited to see you and your family the end of this month.

Benjamin and Ryanne Roberts said...

Hey, this is Ryanne Greene Roberts. I have never seen a picture of your boys and they are so cute! I hope you are doing well.

Autumn said...

Katie, I love the pictures, esp the piano one!! How fun.