Monday, June 4, 2007

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I'm having one of those rare, but treasured moments when both of my toddlers are sweetly slumbering in their beds. So I sat down to the computer with a handful of the only sweets we currently have in our house of which we so elequently refer to as "Pee-Pee Candy." Or, in other words, a jar of Skittles we keep in the medicine cabinet as a reward for properly using the toilet. I use the word properly only because with two young boys in our house, there is a lot of improper toilet use that goes on. Toys, clothes, gigantic wads of toilet paper, Dad's glasses and occasionally brothers limbs all get shoved into and sometimes flushed down the toilet. To get back on track, I enjoyed the Skittles. What else is a girl to do?

It has recently come to my attention that as the world moves deeper into the age of the internet, it is quite commonplace to start your own blog. Since I'm never one to ignore a fad, I figured I better jump on the bandwagon. So I'm using this sweet moment of quiet to begin my blogging adventure.


Autumn said...

Good for you, I can't wait to read more and see pix. This is such a fun way (for me anyway) to keep a journal. Happy blogging.

Jeff said...

I was really hoping for pee-pee candy to be something far more funny than skittles...Are they at least yellow skittles?

jeanine said...

Yea! I'm so glad that you jumped on the bandwagon! I've become a little addicted to these things and it's always fun to read about your adventures!