Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making Eyes

Do you ever sneeze right after applying mascara and the still-fresh mascara from your lashes ends up all over your eyelids?

Oh you don't?

Yeah.  Me neither.


Genn said...

And I tell you what, mascara is becoming my LEAST favorite piece of make up to apply! Such a drag, it's so tedious, and every time I apply it I just wish my eyelashes were longer and darker and all that jazz.

Welcome to the 30 club!
Just remember, 30 IS the new sexy. It's good here.

Carrie said...

If you have you're eyeliner tatooed on do you still HAVE to wear mascara? Seriously worth looking into.

Lauri said...

Every day

jeanine said...

Oh it's the worst! Especially the moment right before you sneeze... knowing that your mascara is not quite dry!

Leanne said...

Um, yeah. And I usually look like I sneezed while putting on my mascara even when I didn't. Sigh.