Friday, November 5, 2010

Jenni, Jenni bo benni...

...bannana fanna fo fenni

It's been a while since I've mentioned my roommates. In case you've forgotten...these girls ARE my sisters. There were seven of us...roommates and neighbors our freshman and sophomore and even into junior year of college. Five of the seven of us grew up without sisters. I think that's what helped establish this sisterhood. We needed (sill need?) each other. Never have I experienced friendship like this. I miss these girls.

This is the year we all turn 30. Holy Smokes! Have we known each other that long? Jenni was the first a few weeks ago. And though I'm's not going un-noticed.

Jenni is such a romantic. She was the first girl you wanted to tell you got asked on a date and the first one you wanted to talk about it with when you got home. (Unless of course the guy she liked asked you out instead...I still feel bad about that.) She had that rule book about dating and she'd read it to us on lazy afternoons. I loved day dreaming with her about getting married.

She had all the best catalogs and hung the best pictures. Jenni had a big box of great sweaters that she'd outfit any of us with for a date.

Jenni went home for the summer after freshmen year and came back in love. I wasn't sure if it was for real because we always thought we were in love. Then Eric came up for a visit the following fall and I knew it was the real deal. She was married soon after.

I love getting glimpses into her life as a wife and mom. She is the most perfect homemaker. I am amazed at all she does and how together she has it...even with child number 4 on it's way.

In no particular order...some of my favorite Jenni shots:

First snowfall of freshmen year...Sunday morning before church.

I think we were all going various places but snapped a shot before we left.

Aggie Ice Cream

College Football (not that we had a good team, but USU did beat BYU this year)

My favorite Jenni picture of all time at our Christmas dance in my apartment sophmore year.

Valentine can thank me for cropping you out of that shot. You think Jenni and I look like we just woke up? You looked worse. (love you)

Chocolate chip pancakes...A Sunday evening favorite.

Bonding up the canyon...wasn't that one of the best nights ever?

Spring break road trip!

Miss you Jenni! Thanks for paving the way into your 30's. Let me know how it goes.


jeanine said...

What fun girls you met in college! I should do a post about my roommates sometime...

Traci Elizabeth said...

can you believe the 30 is here? yikes.

jenni and all your roomies seem to rock. what an awesome college experience!

Kris said...

What great memories!!! I am still celebrating with my friends, some of us go way back to the 5th grade!!!

Lauri said...

I always love hearing about your college experiences. I think I lived vicariously through you during those years. You girls were so much fun!

Kelly said...

I agree with your mom- I think you had one of the most fun college experiences of anyone I know! My Best Friend and I met in college and had a blast- most of our fun I would never retell though- ha ha!
Love your stories and amen to us girls who haven't real sisters who are given gifts of these kind!
Love that!

Genn said...

How great that you made such wonderful friends during your college years. I sometimes wish I had that "college experience". I did meet some great girls in cosmetology school, although it was not the same I am sure.

Jenni and the gang sound like a great group.

Amanda B. said...

I always love to read your flashbacks and see old pictures!!! You truly knew how to make college the time of your life! :)

Jen said...

Ha Ha! What a surprise to open up your blog to find a post written all about me! I feel pretty special! Although it had to be about me turning 30 first. Thanks!!! So far it feels no different and I think this decade will be even better than my 20's. Thirty, Flirty and Thriving, right?

I love all the pictures. I always love going down memory lane. I miss all of you so much. I forgot about how boy crazy I was. And don't worry about dating that boy... I got to date him too and his older brother, remember!

Seriously, loved the post! I miss you so much!

PS You should have included that picture of us dying our hair together. That was fun!

Randalls said...

Hysterical! Let's start a blog just about our college memories. Everyone is so beautiful and so full of life. What a fun time I want to hear about Karaoke at the Depot and that boy that walked up and yelled in your face...GOOD MORNING! Jenn was in love with his friend remember? David? Ha ha! You're the best.

Tammy said...

Ohhhh!!! Katie!!!! I love this post. So fun to think about you fun girls. I am seriously 100% planning on a fun kid-free girls vacation together the year we all turn 40. I'm saving my pennies now.
love you.

The Patterson's said...

Oh the good old days. What a fun post. Way to go Jen to plave the way for all of us. Jen was always the go to person for everyone.

ashes said...

Thanks Katie for the memories! I was only around a year, but it was the best year! I can't believe we'll all be 30!!!

Harmony said...

have to admit, even at 30, I'm so jealous of the tight group of roomates/friends/sisters you had. Wow, what fun. I don't know where I went wrong, but that didn't happen for me. I picked up a great friend her and there throughout college but I never had this, and I thought that it was a given that everyone would have THIS in college, especially someone as cool and fun as me, right! Oh well...I'm still trying to convince myself that it doesn't matter...but when I see a post like this, I can't help but think it does!