Monday, April 26, 2010

My Prerogative

After posting last weeks "Actual Size" artwork, it left me feeling like I should record what my kids are really capable of. So I'm going to be an annoying, bragging mother. And though my kids artwork is probably pretty normal, I still feel like they are artistic geniuses. It's a mother's prerogative. So humor me a moment.

Phineas and personal fave. You have to admit this one is pretty impressive. The likeness is uncanny.

"Cyclops lazering Magneto and cloud monsters."

Star Wars characters

Reid drew Arthur during stake conference yesterday. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Batman, obviously.

Wolverine with Cyclops on his head?

And even GRAYDEN's pictures are starting to take form:
Not bad for a 2 year old. My only criticism is that this specific medium is wall mural, not a piece of paper.


Heidi said...

that is great for Gray. Jackson had yet to get the whole face, body thing while drawing. He is still a scribbler.

Kris said...

Very impressive!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

I am seriously impressed! I can not even draw that well. They seem to have so many talents!

Tammy said...

Wall mural! I'm laughing so hard! it's a good thing that you took a picture of it so that you can always remember Gray's greatness even after you scrubbed the wall. My favorite I think is Arthur. It's so cute.

Jenn said...

WOW! They are all great but I have to say Parker's skills are totally impressive. I say you have some definite artists on your hands.

jeanine said...

That's some TALENT. James is still a scribbler... and William is just recently starting to really draw. Before, he would draw something and then it would turn into a battle scene... by the time each side had thrown their bombs or shot their arrows, etc the whole paper looked like a big scribble!

Lisha said...

I LOVE Parkers Phineas and Ferb! Reid's Arthur is impressive but I must say that I LOVE Gray's pic the most! What awesome little artists you have!

Jen said...

Oh my word! Your kids have some talent!!!

Autumn said...

Whoa. Those are some mad amazing artistic skills. Seriously impressive. If their first profession choice isn't artistry, they'll always have a back up. SO awesome! I guess that coloring they've always loved has paid off!

Natalie said...

Emma and Lily recognized Phineas and Ferb right away.. even though I have no idea who they are!
Glad you brag... if mom doesn't who will?