Tuesday, February 9, 2010

California Dreamin'

I was happy to see that Columbus made #8 on Forbes list of worst winter weather cities in America. Not happy because I enjoy living in a place with terrible winter weather, but happy to have my complaints validated. Ohio winters are miserable. I feel especially inclined to complain today in the midst of our second major storm in less than one week time.

It's not so much the snowfall that landed Columbus on the list. It's the bitter, icy cold that pierces clear through to the bone. My crazy friend Abbey has talked me into exercising with her early every morning...sunshine or snow. Only it's never sunshine. It's way too dark at the insane hours we're out and about. I've somehow adapted and if it's above 15 I don't even wear a coat. But other mornings are a testament to why Columbus is #8 and make me so grateful we're not #1 (which is Cleveland, by the way). Yesterday morning welcomed me with a thick frozen mist like needles all over my skin. GOOD MORNING!

We've managed to make the best of the storms.

We turned our snowman into a pirate. Friday had such good packing snow, we had to build a snow castle, too. Mr. Stone (the older gentleman who lives next store) likes to give me a hard time. He thinks I secretly build snowmen for myself...not so much for the kids. Is it that obvious? I lived a snowman-less childhood. I feel I have to make up for it now.
The snow is much, much, much, much deeper now.

We took the crazies sledding and had the time of our lives. The older two boys are old enough this winter to go down by themselves and they can walk back up the hill dragging the sled all on their own. Such an improvement from last time we took them sledding like three years ago. It's WAY more fun this way. I've been dying to go again.

I didn't bring my camera because who really wants to be carrying a camera while sledding? Not me. A friendly stranger who was sledding with her kids offered to take a picture and email it to me. I politely declined. The reality is, I haven't bought new snow clothes...ever. I look as though I'm about to go skiing in the 90's. I'm not blasting those images over the web.

We have spent a lot of time playing with Photo Booth on our iMac. My narcissistic children can spend hours taking pictures of themselves. (Don't know where they get that one.)

After a too much time stuck indoors, we took things to the next level. Costumes. Made Photo Booth even more fun.

Pandora is on all the time.

And we made super cute sugar cookies to deliver to the neighbors. I wish I had a picture. Not only were the cookies cute, but I packaged them cute. I was pleased with myself. And it's always nice to see the neighbors. We have elderly neighbors on both sides. We don't see much of them in the winter months.

Parker's crazy school district did NOT cancel school today despite the sheets of snow falling from the sky. Why is that? I'm pretty sure every other district in the county cancelled today. So I'm off to dig out my SUV and brave the storm to bring Parker home from school.

Send me some warm wishes.


Traci Elizabeth said...

Warm wishes!! I am actually jealous. Living in Nebraska during the winter was the best winters of my life!! Freezing, but awesome.

Cute pics....I love Gray's wig :)

Genn said...

I wish I lived close enough to join you in th mornings for your am chilly excerising! I could really use a friend to workout with these days. Do you go before your husband leaves in the mornings? Good for you.

I hope you get some warm rays of sunshine sooner rather than later. I know what you mean about bone chilling cold. When we lived in Boise, I was always cold. Even indoors with the heater running, I never warmed up.

Love those pics in costumes. That looks like tons of fun.

jeanine said...

Sounds like you've been having a good time... even if you have been cooped up inside. I'm super jealous of your snowmen. With all the snow we've gotten this winter NONE of it has been good packing snow. It doesn't pack at all.

And it looks like Amy is right behind you in bad winter weather. Detroit ranked #9. Not jealous of that at all :)

Jen said...

Wow, working out in the cold morning. Good for you. I was going to go rollerblading this morning around 9 and decided against it because there were a few, and I mean few, snow flurries. I'm a wimp.

It's funny that your first real snowfall was in college. I remember how excited you were and how you had to go outside and let the snow fall in your mouth. So fun! That snowman by the way is awesome!!!

You are such a fun mom and you make me want to dress up and dance and take pictures of myself with my kids.

Kris said...

What fun!!!

mj said...

Ah!! It looks like you're having so much fun. Reading your blog actually made me miss the snow.

Lauri said...

You know how to have fun no matter what. Love the pirate snowman...and Grayden in a wig.

Autumn said...

Fun photo booth pics. I don't have snow clothes either--when we "go sledding" in our backyard, I wear pajamas.

Natalie said...

crazy weather! good for you for still getting out regardless! we love our homemade photobooth too. I'm thinking I should post some of our fun pics one day! Your pics are so cute... what handsome boys you have.

Kelly said...

i cant imagine all the snow and how cold it is where you are! but you seem to have a ton of great ways to pass the the day. i love all the pictures and the costumes. and your snowman rocks!