Saturday, April 4, 2009

Everybody Cut Footloose

Six girls.

One room.

Three comfy couches.

Two big screens.

Two microphones.

Tambourines included.

I couldn't mention karaoke night and not give you the run down. Emily finds the greatest places. She found us this little club in Dallas full of private karaoke rooms. So we headed on down for girls night without the public embarrassment of singing off key in front of a bunch of drunk strangers in a smoke filled bar. And with a play list including New Kids on the Block, the Bangles, and Footloose, it was just the prescription for a group of girls to let loose for the night.

Ashlee was the brave soul to start us off...with a little Britney Spears. I couldn't even get a picture of her face she was so into the moves. Looks like we know how you spend your spare time.

Alexis got really into this one as well...though I don't remember what song it was.

Emily and Alexis gettin' their groove on.

Becca...All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun!

I'm hesitant to put up any pictures of myself. I got WAY too into it. This is the most mild one. Check your cameras girls...Am I not taking it so seriously in every picture. Honestly, I was WAY, WAY into it. You probably don't have to check your cameras. You witnessed it first hand. Why didn't you tell me? Man I'm such a dork.

The ride home in a Becca Sandwich. My friend Becca (in the lighter shirt) had her sister-in-law (who is also Becca) in town. What a way to introduce your sister-in-law to your friends. I'm sure she was a little overwhelmed by the craziness.

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have with my Texas friends. Despite all the things I dislike about this place, my friendship needs are being met...and then some. Thanks again.


Amanda B. said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!!! What awesome friends! We need to find something like that up here! :)

Lauri said...

You and your friends find such fun, crazy things to do on your girls night out. Me and my girlfriends just go out to dinner. BORING!

I can imagine you really getting in to it...give you a microphone AND a stage and you're in heaven!
Glad you had such fun.

Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness! I think I've been there. We were in the Dallas area about 13 years ago when Dave's brother lived there and they took us to a Karaoke place with private rooms and it was so much fun because, like you said, there is not a room full of drunks to witness the silliness.
What a great girls' night out! Who thought of it? Great idea!

Traci Elizabeth said...

YAY! I am glad you have made friends...too much fun.

Hubba's Thoughts said...

FUN!!! I need to find a place like that around here..

Jen said...

Reading that makes me miss you so much. What a great group of friends. No matter where you are in the world you will always make friends with a great group of women. Karaoke night sounds awesome and I can't imagine you not getting totally into it.

Amber Nish said...

I am glad to see you guys having such a good time. I can only imagine the giggles in that room!! People often wonder how we mormons can have such fun with no alcohol in our systems, but clearly, it can be done.

tdmeth said...

Too bad it wasn't in front of a large group. I can only imagine the reactions.
"Man, how much have they had to drink?" "None!" "Serious?"

Kris said...

I am so happy to hear you have met some wonderful friends! We women need our friends!!! Keeps us sane!
You go girl!
: ) K

jeanine said...

What a fun girls night out!

Kelly said...

I second Jeanine's comment- of all the girls nights out that I have had through the years, I have never done that and it looks so fun! I am horrible at singing, even in the shower I don't and I have said it before that I feel sorry for whoever sits in front of us in Sacrament meeting- it is not good! BUT, I love to sing!! I will have to convince some girls here to try that out!
You look awesome!!

Autumn said...

What a blast!!! I've had major itches for karaoke lately and every time I pass some place that says "karaoke", I take note of the location--I need some gutsy people to do it with me. I LOVE karaoke. Glad you had such a blast!

The drama known as Greens.... said...

Girl, I love the last picture! You look fabulous! It was definitely a party to remember, I couldn't stop talking about fact, it was the first thing I talked about when John woke me up Saturday morning! I'll check my camera for any pictures but we ALL got into it!

Violet and Thomas said...

It is so fun just being with the girls!!! I am glad you have such a great group of friends.

Abbey said...

That looks like a blast and who better to be goofy with then a good group of friends.