Friday, August 15, 2008

A Little Bit of Jessica...

This is what Jessica looked like back when we met. Maybe a little younger, I can't remember exactly. Doesn't she look like Jenna? (her daughter) She just celebrated a birthday this week. So in typical Flashback Friday tribute to Jessica.

(Don't feel bad if I don't remember your birthday for a Flashback Friday. My memory is slipping and I only remember birthdays from a small handful of friends. But if you remind me of your birthdays, I'll be sure to do a post dedicated to you.)

I have so many memories of Jessica...from dolls, to school projects, to roller blading at Ontario Park. And now we have kids. I love that we've been friends for all these years.

So in totally random order...just a few of my memories of Jessica:

Jessica had the BEST 16th birthday bash. Her parents took a group of us to Palm Springs to stay in the sweetest resort (in fact it was the same resort Jesse's parents got married at on Saved By The Bell). It was complete with millions of pools, golf courses, water falls, a boat ride at the entrance and of course cute young men to drive us around in golf carts.

And speaking of Jessica's birthdays, this was a slumber party in elementary school. I remember not wanting to wear that outfit at all. (I'm the one in the white shorts and green striped shirt.) I felt so dorky and uncomfortable the whole looking wasn't the worst outfit being worn that night.

We went on the 8th grade trip to DC together.

A trip to Knotts Berry Farm with no adults...we were like 13 and loving some of our new freedoms.

Jessica performed with these lovely ladies at my bridal shower that her mom and Trudy threw for me. It was the best bridal shower I have ever been to...and not just because it was mine. Thanks Cindy (and Trudy).

Jessica and Melissa were the coolest girls in 6th grade. Seriously, I wanted to be them. They showed up to a 6th grade field trip just rockin' these matching sun glasses.

Jessica and I at an elementary school awards assembly.

8th Grade Luau.

Nicole's 18th Birthday at the dinner theater. We saw South Pacific and had front row seats. It was a blast.

Girls only beach bonfire.

A group of us met at my house to go to the Senior Dinner Dance together.

Christmas Party

Some school trip to LA to see Phantom...I always loved that dress of yours, Jessica.

Junior high...I think this was the last day of school or something.

Meeting in Salt Lake during our college years.

Junior High Dance

Scholarship Awards

Elementary school Science Fair

This is still nearly four years old, but more recent. Jessica married a guy from Kentucky and when I lived in Ohio, we'd meet up in Cincinnati every year during the holidays when she was visiting her in-laws. I came to plan on those yearly meetings. I'm really going to miss them here in Texas. Our families got along well.

Happy Birthday Jessica!


Erin said...

You guys did so much together! Love the fountain pic!! Happy Birthday Jessica!

Erin said...

You guys did so much together! Love the fountain pic!! Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jessica said...

Thanks Katie!! That is very nice of you. I was wondering if I would make your blog this week. I love most of the pictures. Some of them I have never seen. We have had some fun times. I also miss our trips to Cincinatti to visit with your family. Hopefully sometime soon we can be in the same state at the same time. Thanks again you are such a great friend. I love Flashback Fridays.

jeanine said...

OKay so many comments. Jessica's 16th birthday was the best! So much fun! (I think you, Nat, and I stayed up in the bathroom talking and playing games that night.)
I love that picture from your bridal shower. I had it hanging in my apartment at BYU.
I don't think that I had seen the picture from the awards ceremony.
So many fun memories! Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

jeanine said...

ps. one of these days you'll have to do a flashback about OPF.

utmomof5 said...

I am so glad I didn't know you as a teenager -- you just might but photos of me up near my birthday!!

Great photos you two look like you had a lot of fun together!!

Heidi said...

How fun... sometimes i really wish I would have gone out of my comfort zone and met you all earlier... Looks like you all have so many fun memories together!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Okay, in true traci come I don't remember them performing at your bridal shower?? I know I was there, I am in the pic on the stairs. What did they do??

Jess has always been a good friend and a great example. Us girls REALLY need to all plan a girls weekend sometime. I don't even care would be AWESOME.

Danielle said...

Wow-those outfits are bringing back some memories. By the way-I am totally jealous of your SBTB resort stay(did I ever tell you I can answer just about any question about that show?) FYI-Zach and Kelly's song on the jukebox at the Max is A16....

Amanda B. said...

I think it is awesome how you still have so many friendships from your childhood. Once you make friends, you keep them and that is incredible. She sounds amazing! Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Sheryl said...

What a great tribute to sisterhood, friendship and all that is great about growing up in Corona! You girls have always been so good to each other, and it is totally amazing how you have kept in touch. I wish I knew where some of my friends were today...Keep it up girlfriend!!

Genn said...

Very cute pictures of Jessica. Happy Birthday Jess! That first picture of her in sixth grade does look just like Jenna from what I have seen in pictures! Pretty crazy.

Kelly said...

You must have a treasure trove of flashback pictures- you are incredible!! Love them all! Jessica sounds wonderful, and soooo fun!! You have really fun friends, I must say!
Love the white knee high picture of you!!

mindy said...

i'm one of jessica's friends here in virginia--thanks for the awesome pictures of her has a teenager! what a cute idea!

Kelly said...

I love that you have so many old pictures! I have no idea where all mine are from back in the day. Some of those pictures crack me up!

cindy said...

You have always been a great friend Katie. I have always appreciated how you treated Jessica and the great friendship you two have even now as wives and mothers with busy lives. I loved looking back at the two of you and the other girls that made up those great years of Jessica growing up. She always had the best friends. Jessica still surrounds herself with good people. Thanks Katie for doing that for her and for me. I love you and your mom so much. We need to start a girls trip sometime soon when you girls can leave those babies with your husbands and come escape with your mothers for some fun?
Isn't your birthday coming up. September I think?

Hey, now lets talk about that purse? I think that could be a profit making bussniness. I love that purse and I think you should post that on line and start selling those bags. I would be interested!

Chrissie said...

This was a lot of fun to read! You and Jay were always such great friends. I was jealous that she had such close friends who were members of the church growing up.

Who is that sexy beast in the leopard bathing suit! Yikes! That party was so much fun. It was better than my 16th b-day at the same resort.

Natalie Christensen said...

Those were great times Katie! I too remember the hot boys driving us around on golf carts. Happy belated birthday Jessica! - Nat