Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eight is Great

Back when I worked for a school district I took a group of 7th graders to a "Safe and Drug Free Camp." Where we all got enthused about having fun while staying away from drugs. I was the leader for Team 8. Creative name assignments, huh? So every time we entered a room, we chanted "Who is great? Eight is Great! Who is great! Eight is Great!"...over and over. Anyway, not the point, but that's where the title came from.

I haven't been tagged for a blogging game in a LONG time. But Jessica (Theobald) Ward, an old friend from back in the day, tagged me with this little number a few weeks ago. So as less than entertaining answers.

8 Things I am passionate about...
1. Education
2. Chewing with your mouth closed
3. My Family
4. um...BLOGGING!
5. The Gospel
6. Halloween costumes (or any costumes)
7. The United States of America
8. Friends

8 things I want to do before I die...
1. Get a PhD
2. Write
3. Run a Marathon
4. Learn all the words to REM's "It's The End of The World As We Know It" (and I feel fine.)
5. Raise a Righteous Family
6. Perform in a Community Theater
7. Throw LOTS of parties
8. Learn Patience

8 things I say a lot...
1. Oh my word!
2. Listen
3. Cute!
4. Great job.
5. Dude (that's what I call the crazies when I've lost my patience)
6. Awesome
7. Superhero

8 Books I have read as of late...
1. The scriptures
2. Preach My Gospel
3. Where the Wild Things Are (the answer to that is my house)
4. The Caboose That Got Loose
5. magazines count?
6. What about blogs?
7. Cereal boxes?
8. Bills? No?

8 Movies I have watched recently...
1. Spencer talked me into suffering through the DaVinci Code with him
2. Baby Mama
3. Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day
4. Legally Blonde
5. Hairspray
6. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
7. The Incredible's
8. Thomas the Tank Engine

8 Bloggers I tag...
1. I never know who I should tag
2. I don't want anyone to feel like they have to play
3.But I don't want to leave any one out who wants to play
4. The Fam
5. Home Town Friends
6. True Aggies
7. Ohio Friends
8. Texas Girls

That about covers're all tagged. Play if you wish.


Stubbart Family said...

First off, I seriously love the purse! You are so super talented! 3 hours? That would have taken me 3 months!

And, I totally agree with you about chewing with your mouth of my total pet peeves!

Amanda B. said...

Very fun.... I may do in a few days. :) I have mentioned before- sooo with you on the chewing thing- I can't stand to here people chew even with mouth closed.

And, I wish "dude" is what I have said when I lost my patience.... :)

Lauri said...

Fun tag! I especially love your current reading material...cereal boxes, bills, blogs!? I'm sending you some BOOKS!

Where the Wild Things Are--that should be the Smith family motto.

Kelly said...

Cute!! Love the 8 things- I always learn so much about you when you do tags! I will probably do it soon, too- it looks fun!

Sheryl said...

I loved it! I received the same tag a week or so ago, and I was stumped on the 8 books I have I just may be able to finish and think outside the box, as you have inspired me to do. Always fun to learn more about cute friends!

Erin said...

Okay, we need to live closer to each other. With your knack for crafts and my crazy need to do fun things we could rock the town. I laughed my head off while watching Baby Mama!

Genn said...


The other day while Jake and I were watching the women's marathon during the Olympics I said that running a marathon is not something that I ever feel the need to do and I don't think my body would like me if I did it. He agreed and said he could probably do it and that he would most likely hurt for a year or so. I just don't get why anyone wants to run THAT long and far! But if you do it way to go! It is quite an accomplishment, just not one on my to do list. =)

I'm with your mom on your reading material these days too! Bills? Cereal boxes? I hope she sends you some books soon! =)