Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Reruns

This was last June. I was still very new to blogging and in full blown pregnancy mode. Man I hate pregnancy. I thought I'd start summer reruns a whole year ago (and not duplicate any past 2007...2008 is just too recent). I'm not sure that this is my best work, but my brother Jeff has mentioned it more than once. I trust his opinion. So here it maternity fashion complaints.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fat, Frumpy and Fashionless

So I enter my third trimester of pregnancy this week which basically means I'm overdue for a little complaining. Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling relatively well. This has, by far, been my easiest pregnancy yet. So besides for normal third trimester achs, exhaustion, and hairy legs, I don't have too much to complain about physically. However, I have a lot to complain about...fashionably.

I entered this pregnancy thinner than I'd been in years, thanks to the removal of my gall bladder back in December. (The best kept diet secret in the world.) So when it came time to put on maternity clothes, I entered the world of fitted maternity fashion and bought lots of cute fitted shirts with short capped sleeves and with this tiny little bump of a stomach, I felt, for the first time in three pregnancies, fashionable while pregnant.

Now at the threshold of my third trimester, I remember that fashionable and pregnant do not mix. All those cuted fitted shirts now show every lump of my rapidly growing belly. And worse than my belly is the size of my arms squeezing through those tight capped sleeves, practically cutting off circulation to the rest of my arms. Why can't weight gain stay localized to where the baby is? Doesn't that make sense? But instead, my arms are massive, my face is swollen, my feet have gone up a whole shoe size (which makes it impossible to find shoes since I already wore a size 10), and my chest is just about keeping up with the size of my belly.

So regardless of how a pregnancy begins, they all end up the same...fat, frumpy and fashionless. And somehow I feel complaining about this helps me justify it. Just so others know, I don't chose to look like this. I do know what's fashionable. I realize that I am not. I just can't do anything about it.

Now that that's out, on with my post...Spencer turned 30 on Saturday. I'm glad it was him and not me. 30 may be a little easier for me since my husband will be 34 when I turn 30. Age is a funny thing. Why is it hard to get older? And why don't you ever feel as old as you are? I think of Spencer and I as a young newlywed couple who happens to have a couple of kids. And I'm sure no one else thinks of us that way. We're just an established and growing family. And honestly, I get mistaken for much older than I am on a regular basis. I'm only 25. This should not be a concern of mine. But speaking of age. Mom turns 50 next week so we're heading out to Arizona to celebrate. I know she reads this and I'm sure she's happy I posted it. So a little early Happy Birthday to you Mom!

That was a lot to write, and I'm sure I'll do the same when I'm back in town.


Erin said...

This is making me smile sister. Love the idea of th repost. I totally agree with the prego fashion dilemas. That is one thing I am not looking foward to when we try for another geek!

Amanda B. said...

Katie- I don't think I have ever seen you not fashionable. You always seem to pull it off even when 9 mos pregnant!

Love the reposts- they are fun!

Kelly said...

You always managed to look fantastic pregnant- and thank goodness you did- there is not much worse than a friend who doesn't dress well during those 9 crazy months!! I never felt that way around you!!!
Love those reposts, too!!

tcup said...

You are such an innovative poster...another technique to display in your posting enrichment night class.....What can I say, I have never seen you prego but I think that you are probably most defintieyl fashionable and HOT!!!! I hate the last part of prgnancy no matter what you do or try you just don't feel cute but look at those cute boys that came of it...small price to pay...right?!?! That's what I keep telling myself to gear up for the next one!

Pedersens said...

I love the repost Katie! You are a great writer so its fun to read! I dont have kids yet so I have not had to expeirence the prego dilemas.... looking forward to it thought.