Friday, June 6, 2008

The Smith's in Real Life

Has anyone seen Dan in Real Life? It was a pleasant surprise for me. I really liked it. Not the typical Steve Carrell film. While I think he's funny, everything he does is exactly the same...everything until this. Not my point...when I watched this movie for the first time a few weeks ago, it totally reminded me of a family reunion with Spencer's family. Throughout the entire film I kept thinking of the Smith's. Even though they're not the family I grew up with, it made me a little homesick for them.

Good thing we're heading out for a visit later this month. So for today's flashback, our family reunion from two years ago. We spent the week at their time share in the mountains of Utah. Now this was before I was a blogger, so I didn't take as many pictures as I'm sure I will this year. I don't have pictures of all the cousins and in-laws. And I didn't a have a very good camera so the pictures I got didn't turn out well. (Or my sister in-laws wouldn't appreciate them being posted.) But they bring back fun memories for me anyway.

I hardly have any baby pictures of Reid...this trip is no exception. And when I see this picture, I know why. I'm afraid I just didn't think Reid was a cute baby. At all. For a mother not to think her kid is cute, he's got to be pretty bad. I'm glad he's so stinkin' cute now, or I wouldn't have been able to admit that. I did have a few more pictures that just didn't turn out.

This is how a lot of the pictures from that trip turned out.

So that's about it for Reid. It's a little embarrassing how many I have of Parker. And these are not all.

For some reason, this is one of my favorites...Spencer hates it. I think it's funny. Spencer's sister, April, commented...Katie WOULD be pushing you.

This is my cute niece, Jeanine. I could she possibly be my niece? She's only a year or two younger than me. I LOVE Jeanine. She was so nice to my kids. She would take Parker to the playground and push him on the swings forever. She is an incredible chef. And she is always fun and entertaining.

Grandpa with Caleb and Liam



Spencer and his brother, Benny



Me, Parker, Andrew, and Zack




Cute kiddos huh? And that is not all of them. I'll try to get pictures of everybody this time. I'm anxious to see how everyone has grown. Two years is a long time.


The Cochran Family said...

I love love love family reunions...come to think of it, they are more fun when It has been a couple years, just beacsue it is soo interesting to see how 2,3,5 years changes a person...and kids! I didn't see my extnded family for like 7-8 years, so that was interesting. Your lucky your family reunion in Utah involves indoor living, we always go camping, which with little kids, not my cup of tea! I love the wild bomb fires and smores at the end of the night though. THat;s funny that you thought Reid was not so hot as a baby...I think he could be your cutest kid now!

Amanda B. said...

very cool pictures. It looks like such an awesome time! I wish our family did reunions like that. (They do reunions, but it isn't much more than a picnic at the park for a couple hours.) And I love Spencer's facial hair- I don't remember that stage! :) And, I think all of your kids were adorable babies. No- it isn't bad that you thought he wasn't cute. You loved him crazy is all that matters. :)

Kelly said...

You crack me up!! I have always adored Reid, since the day I held him at your house- he is simply adorable- and though I didn't know Parker as a baby, I know he too was so dang cute! I have seen some unattractive babies, and yours are so not even close!!
I don't remember the facial hair on Spencer, either. I am looking forward to pics from this year- I know you will take a ton. Those are some cute kids, with yours at the top!

tcup said...

I am sorry but I think Reid is adorable as a baby...don't know what you were thinking!!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Okay..I am not going to fake anything..I agree, Reid was not the cutest baby. But, he is seriously one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. There is something about his look that is just adorable.

I can't believe you are moving and taking a trip all in a me if you need some prozac. (not that I take it, buy I am from Cali and I am sure the corner dealer has some)

Lauri said...

Fun family pictures and memories. I've always loved the picture of Parker where he is in shorts, navy blue sweatshirt..out in a meadow. He looks like Prince William/Prince Harry...not quite sure which one. And the only reason you didn't think Reid was cute is because of the way you fixed his hair. Seriously, look at it! Anyway, Reid looks just like you did when you were his age...ADORABLE! And although Grayden wasn't included, he's darling too!

I have a friend with a beautiful daughter (who just recently got married). I was commenting one day about how beautiful she was and she said they were glad they could finally see that. They were really worried about her until she was about 14 years old because she was so unattractive. Isn't that funny?!

Autumn said...

I haven't seen the movie and only seen Steve on the Office. I always loved reunions too. That's the good part about having family being distant-the times you are together are extra special-at least for me anyway. I have to say that the more I look at Ellie's baby pix its funny because I thought she was so cute then-and now not so much (as a baby). I guess its a good thing we all grow out of our baby looks at one time or another. I love the pic of you pushing Spencer!!

jeanine said...

I love family reunions. We have one next year with my dad's family. So weird that you have a neice so close to your age... she has a great name though (and spells it the right way too!)
In the picture your nephew Caleb (I think?) looked a lot like Parker. He could pass as one of your kids!

jeanine said...

Oh, and I think we talked about this at your house... but we LOVED Dan in Real life.

Eric & Jen said...

Fun! I love family reunions. You better make sure you spare a little time to visit your old roommate while you're in Utah.

Erin said...

I get the my baby isn't cute thing. Autumn had really bad exceyma and cradle cap so her first professional picture was 4 months old when I thought she wasn't so gross looking. Thank goodness she is a cutie now.

So neat that you guys had a family renuion. We did one last year and it was so much fun!

Pedersens said...

Chris & I saw "Dan In Real Life" in the movie theatre and it was cute but I think we were both hoping for more. We absolutely LOVE Steve Carrell!
I love the picture of you pushing Spencer on the swing.. too cute. And I think all your boys were cute as babies!

PS..... I love the part in the movie when he is driving and gets pulled over by the cop "Put it on my Tab" Now that is the Steve I love.