Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday...Faces of Katie

So I haven't been keeping up with American Idol this season. I was at the beginning. I don't really know what happened. It comes on at 7:00pm here, when I'm in the middle of bed time routine with the crazies and I tend to forget about it. I haven't really watched it for probably six weeks. Sometimes I catch the final recap or something. But I did see Syesha leave on Wednesday night. Truthfully, I'm really not heart broken about it. I'd prefer ANYBODY over David Archuletta. While I agree he has a nice set of pipes, he's like 17 going on 55. He sings middle aged man music while dressed like a middle aged man. I would never pay to hear that guy sing. Snore fest!

I've been a David Cook fan from the start. He has let this whole thing go to his head. He's become smug and arrogant, but he has some serious talent...not just his voice, but he can arrange any song to fit is style. I can't help but love him, despite his arrogance.

I thought I'd really like Syesha after her audition and during Hollywood week, but I don't really love her style of music. But have you ever seen anyone more beautiful? I doubt it. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back looking like that.

Instead, Parker referred to me a few nights ago as Velma from Scooby-Doo. At first I may have been a little offended that he didn't think I could be a Daphne. But truthfully, I've finally decided I'm happy to be a Velma. I've tried more than once to be a Daphne, but I'm much happier, and much more comfortable as Velma. I think he has it just about right. This is a picture of me right now...from the seat of my computer. Striking resemblance, huh? I think I see a future Halloween costume idea coming on.

This wouldn't be the first time I've been compared to a more homely cartoon character. Years ago it was Peppermint Patty from Charlie Brown. I went through this horrible stringy hair...over-sized T-shirt phase that I have no intention of repeating.

While we're on fictional characters...when making the sophomore class Homecoming float...a Gilligan's Island theme...not only was I not cast as Ginger, but I couldn't even pass for Maryanne. That's me, down at the end of the awful yearbook picture cast as Mrs. Howl. You don't have to feel bad for me. I had a blast.

More recently it's been pointed out that I carry some kind of resemblance to Carol Burnett. I take that as a compliment. I think she's fantastic. (In case you REALLY think we look alike, the one in the middle is Carol Burnett.)

And when Spencer and I played that Celebrity Look Alike Game at MyHeritage, we both ended up looking like James Spader. Awesome.

But mostly, I've been told I look like every one's favorite 80's actress, Molly Ringwald. I have been told this many times in my life. By friends and perfect strangers.

This is the time in my life I was most frequently told I looked like her.

What do you think?


Autumn said...

Holy cow-you could be so many people besides yourself!! That's unreal. Um. I don't know some of those people-the guy and the last girl. But I totally see the resemblance in the last one especially. The Carol collage is amazing. Especially with your fun expressions. You should send them to her. Surely she'd love knowing that there's another cute Carol wandering around. Okay, mabye she wouldn't care.

So David Cook. I learned something really disappointing about him this last week on AI-did you watch it this week Katie? Okay, its not that big of a deal. Cook didn't even intend to try out. He went with his brother for moral support. Okay, fine. Very nice. But this is what bothers me. The whole season he says things like "this is my dream come true", etc. Well-he was THERE at the tryouts and wasn't planning on trying out until one of the interviewers started talking to him. I suppose it makes a cool story on one hand but on the other it seems so much less authentic to me. If it was really his dream, and he was there-why didn't he plan on trying out??? That just kind of bugs me-in addition to the arrogance. I agree though, he has a great talent. I also can't help but feel terrible for his brother who originally auditioned.

Okay, you know I like Archie's vocals. I think he needs to work on his whole prescence, and I'm not even referring to clothing or song choices. What comes to my mind is his youth. Whenever he opens his mouth to speak or when he walks on stage, he seems unsure or just in constant surprise. I think he's genuinely humble which I really appreciate but I wish when he was walking on stage he had more gusto.

And Syesha (I can't remember if there's another A in there or not.) Wow, she is gorgeous-and her smile-so pretty. I wish she was better in the beginning. It would have helped her out. Oh well. I can't wait to see the finals next week. Isn't that ridiculous?

trentnjeanmorello said...

Wow!!! You look like SO many other people!!! Really, you could have some real fun trying to pass yourself off as someone else. Just have SO many possibilities for Halloween!!!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Yeah...I don't like Sy, David A. has an awesome voice, and David C. is an actual artist. My only complaint about Cook is that sometimes when he sings he seems to put on a fake English accent. Weird, I know.

I love the faces of Katie. I have never really been compared to anyone except when I was blond I would get Drew Barrymore. How fun for you.

Although, I do have to say...When my hubby has hair (instead of this stupid academy bald headedness)..people ALWAYS tell him he looks like Matt Damon. Lucky me.

Autumn said...

Another thought-have you done celebrity morph? I think it would be interested to see who your pics are. Certain pictures bring up different people because of the features it notices. I'd really be interested to see who they match you with. I think its

Lauri said...

I would never have put you as a Carol Burnett look-alike but when you put them side by side, the resemblance is uncanny. I can see a little bit of the Molly Ringwald. I'm surprised that's the one people go for.

Kelly said...

That was so fun! I can't think of anyone I would look like, let alone that many that you resemble!! I so don't see the Velma, I must say, but Carol and Molly, for sure!! I love David Spader, so that was hilarious! You are so funny and I loved that!
As for AI- I don't care about anyone anymore at this point- I never really did, because they all get some sort of record deal, anyway. I think both David's sound exactly the same no matter what song they choose- and that I don't love. I think Syesha is fantastically beautiful, and is so sweet. I will watch the show no matter what, but does it really even matter anymore?

Genn said...

The Molly Ringwald similarities are uncanny! How crazy! I have alway thought she is so pretty too. I recently had a client tell me I look like Jennie Garth?? I don't see that at all! It's funny what other people see sometimes.

The Cochran Family said...

Wow, i'm totally with you ont eh whole david cook seen on my blog...that is soo cool that you can look like so many people, and personalities too! Cool Beans

Amanda B. said...

Oh Katie- this was sooooo funny- what a hoot that you can physically relate to so many stars. And I really do see the Velma resemblance (though you are MUCH more stylish! :)) I am still laughing!

Kelly said...

I definately see the resemblance of you and Molly Ringwald... love your big smile!

Thanks for the going private directions! Maybe I should just do what you do then and delete what city and state I'm in. I'll sleep on it. LOL

Emilee said...

I love molly ringwald too. u do look like her, and spencer looks like james spader for sure! lol! I love david cook as weel, just adore him!

tcup said...

You crack me up! As long as when you make the halloween costume the needles are locked up!!! I am thinking Velma looked pretty hot, she totally has a mini skirt on.

Genn said...

hi there! I have a question. Do you use bloglines feed reader to notify you when your friends' blogs have been updated? I am trying to figure that out and I am stuck.... ??

Erin said...

None of us looked good in the baggy t-shirt time. And you and Carol Burnett do look alike, and are both very outgoing and fun to be around. It is crazy how closely you resemble Molly. I always wanted to look like you and have your fun cofidence to do anything. You are my idol!! And I am totally serious!

Pedersens said...

Love this post Katie. Its so crazy how you can look like so many different famous people! To bad you couldn't get in free somewhere. I think Syesha is BEAUTIFUL too!!

PS i was trying to use that Blogline thing too awhile ago and cant figure out how to use it... there is a program that I saw on someones blog that shows when your friends blog was last updated... i thought that was a great idea. Let me know if you figure anything out it would sure be helpful.

Valarie said...

This is hilarious. If anyone ever asks you what superpower you would choose if you could have one, you can tell them you already have can morph.

jeanine said...

I never realized you look like so many famous people! Super cool!

SHIRLEY'S said...

How is it that you look like so many different people. Thats crazy! But its true... you really do resemble all of them!

Oh and that float picture... Is that Julie Gaskell on the end? CRAZY! Oh and Im all for David COok!

and I know that you werent talking about names when you were talking about scooby-doo... but I love the name Daphne. Matt isnt a fan. Random thought ... sorry

Cynthia said...

so who are you predicting to win American Idol?

Betheny & Jacob said...

That is so funny...I can't think of one cartoon or celebrity that I actually look like! That would be interesting to take a pole. I always thought that you were insanley beautiful and was actually jelous. Your smile really makes your face light up. Velma?....NO. Carol Brunette?...maybe in about 35 years! Mrs. Howel? way. James Spader?...absolutly NOT! Molly Ringwald...BINGO. I think she's fantastic. She's got great cheakbones and a fabulous smile...just like you.

By the way...I LOVE David Cook. I'm not so sure about him being arrogant, I think that he's socially akward and he dosen't know how to present himself so he acts like he's not arrogant or amused which makes him appear arrogant...if that makes any sense at all. You are right, he is insanely talented. I am a David Archeletta fan just because he's so dang cute. Again, I think he's been thrown into this and hasn't found his "nitch" yet. I think he could come out with a good pop album if he wanted to. I like to compare him to Josh Grobin (sp?) with a little more pop potential. asked what we think so I think you got more from me than you bargained for. :)

Karen said...

This is insane. You really do look like all of those people. I love it!