Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I hadn't decided what to post for this week's Flashback Friday until I checked out Zac and Crystal's blog. This week was their wedding anniversary. Crystal is from Alabama and Zac from California. Anyone want to guess how they met? Anyone? That was thanks to Yours Truly. Truthfully, I didn't have that much to do with it, but I like to take credit for their eternal bliss. I met Crys up at AFY the summer before our senior year. We became fast friends. She took a trip out to visit me in California later that summer. Among our many shenanigans, we decided we wanted to go on a date...and since we couldn't talk anyone into asking us out, we asked a couple of my friends out. While I suppose I only sort of set them up, Crys really wanted Zac to be her date. And if I hadn't been there to introduce the two of them, I'm sure they would have met on their own some how. They are so perfect together.

As luck would have it, I have (minimal) pictures to document their first date.

This is how the date started out. (Ignore the hair...that was my "transitional stage" when I went from really long to really short. I only wore it that way for about four weeks.) Don't Zac and Crystal look like a couple already...and they just met. Kip and I, on the other hand, have known each other since we were two years old and we look completely uncomfortable.

About an hour later, this is what we looked like. We went to the thrift store and had to pick outfits for our dates. I seriously got the shaft. I look like a pregnant clown in that shirt. Although, Crystal did have to wear white pleated pants. We stopped at the convenient store where Kip worked because we needed matches for our candle-lit picnic. Some random drunk man buying more beer jumped in on that photo-opp.

We blindfolded our dates to confuse them and then took them to a semi-busy street with a grass median where we had our candle-lit picnic.

Next stop...Down Town Disney where we went on a scavenger hunt in our less than attractive get-ups. Kip and I were stoked. We were having a great old time....just sure we were going to blow them out of the water with our score. Seriously...probably the best date ever up to that point in my life. Not because Kip and I had any sort of a thing going, but were were just laughing our heads off at people's reactions to us as we bombarded them at Disney. We were taking the game seriously and having a great time doing it. Then we found Zac and Crystal...

Winning wasn't quite as fun when we realized they were concerned with a different kind of score.

You two were meant to be. Happy anniversary!


tcup said...

Wow that sounds like one heck of a date!!! I don't think I have ever done anything that elaborate!

jeanine said...

I remember hearing all about that date. How fun. And Zac got the best deal at the thrift store because I remember him wearing that shirt all the time!
You're right. They were meant to be together.

Crystal said...

Thanks Katie!! I loved that date. And yes, Zac still wears the shirt today. He loves it! It's been 10 yrs and he'll wear it atleast once a week. I let a freshman friend borrow my clothes for a luau(sp?)and never got it back. I compared every date I ever went on to that date and lets just say none else compared.

So I think Zac and I only got like 2 points on that date. We were both really excited about it too until we found the eye game to play. Classic!!

I do give you the credit for Zac and I getting together. We probally would have met somewhere down the road but Heavenly Father would have had to be a lot more creative. You made His plan so easy!! So thank you very much.

I do really feel that you, Zac and I were friends in the pre-existence. I can make friends with a lot of people. But there are only few that I truely and honestly click with and would trust them with my life. You and Zac are that for me. There was just something with the 2 of you, even though we never spent much time together, that was different from everyone else. I love you!!! Thanks for you friendship!

Amanda B. said...

You must have been an awesome friend growing up- you seem to always know how to have fun! How cool! :)

Shalece said...

What a crazy (& fun) sounding date! And that's neat that you set them up. (Did you know Zac is my cousin?) He's a great guy. I've never really had the chance to get to know Crystal, but i think they are a cute couple. :)

Pedersens said...

This was fun to read. I didn't know how Crystal and Zac met! Way to go on hooking them up.