Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meet Brittnee...

Flashback Friday

Since Brittnee's birthday is tomorrow, I thought it appropriate to highlight her.

Brittnee is my cousin. Aren't cousin's the greatest? I seriously love that relationship. Closer than friends, but not so close that you fight all the time. And you get to be friends with all kinds of people. Brittnee grew up in Arizona and me in Cali. We wouldn't have known each other if we had not been cousins. I have no sisters so this is an important relationship for me.

My friendship with Brittnee was especially crucial during my teenage years. We were such good friends. During my junior year, I'm sure we saw each other at least monthly. It was a 50 minute plane flight or a five hour drive. We knew each other's friends. Britttnee even showed up in my high school year book...with her name in the caption and all. And it's not like I went to a small high school. It helps that she went to prom with one of the most popular boys in school. That's right. One of my friends asked her to prom. And he was on prom court. I don't remember if he won prom king or not.

We have shared all kinds of secrets. Got into all kids of trouble. Slept in a bathroom. Gone to AFY together. Started our own club...BOA (Babes Of America). Shared a bra (a story for another time). Partied together. Stayed up way past late. Went to prom together (not together, together, but in a group). Made videos of just about everything. Written songs. Been to concerts. Were followed by a mime. Sewed skirts. Sewed hideous matching dresses and wore them to church. Ran through the park sprinklers in the wee hours of the morning. Shopped. Played pranks. Danced. Ate Grandma Sycamore's bread (no, that's not our grandma). Dressed in outrages costumes...even in public places. Laughed 'til we cried. And now we're having kids at roughly the same time. After all that, it hardly seems we should be allowed to have kids.

We don't keep in contact like we used to. We definitely don't see each other monthly. But Brittnee is pretty good about calling.

Happy Birthday!

I had a really hard time limiting these pictures...I have SO many of our crazy shenanigans.

Katie and Brittnee...the early years. (and Mike, too.)

Grandma's infamous tub.

My mom made us these lovely outfits.

Check out the acid wash jeans.

We put on a show on my back patio...we were like 14.

Orange County Fair Photo Booth

Your Sweet 16 Birthday Bash

The next set of black and white pictures were all taken the same day. I don't remember who took the pictures or how we convinced someone to follow us around with a camera for an entire day. And why did we decide these weird things were important to have pictures of? Regardless, they're fun to have. They sum up our relationship well.

I laugh my head off every time I see this one.

Don't worry, no one took this one. We set the camera on a tri-pod. We only had one picture left on the roll and this is what we decided to do with it. It was LATE at night and we swore we'd never show anyone. So much for that. It's now posted on the internet.

Right before a dance.

Another failed pyramid.

For anyone who's wondering, the boy with his arm around me and the major sock tan is my brother, Mike. that's not a typo. It's Adventures For Youth.

Just hangin' out by the pool.

Thanks for the good times!


Kelly said...

Those pictures are HILARIOUS!! I am still laughing at them! I bet I am laughing because I wore many of the same clothes, except for the one your mom made-you so win for that one! I love the late night pic- who developed that one anyway? Did they charge you extra for that?! Those are great and it seems like you have a fantastic relationship wiht Brittnee- she and you are like peas in a pod- so fun! Thanks for posting, I really needed a laugh!

Traci Elizabeth said...

I am not so sure if this flashback friday thing is that great of an idea....what if your husband decides to run for Governor someday and these pics come back to haunt you??

I remember you and britt always having so much fun. What a great relationship! I don't remember, who did she go to prom with? Happy birthday brittnee!

jeanine said...

This was so fun! I especially like the pictures of when you were little! And I love that you had someone follow you around and take pictures. You guys are so funny. Happy birthday Brittnee!

Pedersens said...

I think I like this Flashback Friday thing... I love to look at all the fun pictures you post! Cousins are the BEST!!

Autumn said...

So fun!! I think the last is my favorite. I can't wait for more FBFs.

Brittnee said...

I love looking at those pictures. I forgot about the sleeping in the bathroom and sharing of the bra. Good Times. We had so much fun! I haven't seen some of those pictures in a really long time. They bring back a lot of good memories. Especially the underwear picture. What were we thinking? Well, it makes for a good laugh now. Thank you, Katie that was fun to read. I think we need a reunion.

I just have to say that I read a Parkerism the other day that was very cute. It was the one that was about the camo. I was talking to Ryanne when I was reading it and I honestly couldn't read it to her because I was laughing so hard. That boy says the funniest things.

You probably already know this but there is website that will put your blog into a hard back book. Your blog would make a great book.

The Cochran Family said...

How come all pictures from the 90s look about the same? Poofy bangs, shorts with just the right amount of shirt pulled out. But you were in Orange County, cutting edge in fashion...I cracked up at the picture of yall in your bras and undies. I think women in thier 20s and 30s should still have stupid girl slumber parties...the best times of your life...right!

Crystal said...

Do people still question you miss pronouncing AFY? No one ever believes me when I tell them about it. I don't think they do it anymore. I got on the other day to look it up for my YW and I couldn't find it. Maybe it was just so we could meet. Those were good times. Brittnee was a blast. Still got pictures of her myself. I think a lot of people probally have the bra pictures themselves. I know I do.
Thanks for always having fun blogs to read. You're great!

Erin said...

I gotta say I sure am jealous of the fun and crazy girl stuff you did. I always hung with the boys so it was more muddy not any cool dress-up. Love the lingere shot!! Hotties!!!

Amanda B. said...

I love all these pictures! It is so fun to look at old pictures of you! The outfits are absolutely hilarious! :) I bet you were always so much fun- you just have a fun personality, which I believe you have had since birth. I love that you are close to your cousin. I didn't get this so much- the only cousins close in age lived on the other side of the country and we rarely saw them. How cool for you!

Lauri said...

You guys were so weird. Seriously! but you did have lots of fun together. I was laughing so hard when I read this (at school) my students were curious to see what I was looking at on the computer.

rachel said...

LOVING the underwear pic!

Jessica said...

I love cousins and I love this idea of flashback fridays. You are very brave to put the bra picture on there. You guys are so cute together. You always had the best ideas.

Betheny & Jacob said...

Oh my gosh! Those pics are fantastic. I especially love the one of David and Spencer with you guys. That one brings back memories of high school...oh, those were the days...Was that Youth Conferance??