Monday, March 10, 2008

Overheard in Primary

Nothing tops the quotes from a few weeks ago, but here's what I heard this week...

E: I can't say a prayer with all this louding stuff.

Me: Is your birthday in June?
L: No, my birthday's in Texas.

E: I cut my paper out, but my dad don't let me to. (What?!!!)

Me: Chairs stay on the floor! (Said at least 12 times.)

A: Sometimes when the sun rides up we go to the lake. (He was so incredibly reverent and well behaved this Sunday, I hardly have anything to write from him.)

Me: Keep your Book of Mormon to yourself. (A phrase I've never thought I would say.)

E: I tell Heavenly Father thank you for puppies named Fluffy.

L (in tears): I cut her hair a little bit.
Me: (I freak out...I was helping A. and momentarily not paying attention to L. and E. Much to my relief, he had cut the hair of the girl on the picture we were cutting out. Phewww! E. has the cutest little girl hair cut I've ever seen. I would have hated to be the supervising adult if that had happened.)

E: Because Jesus Christ. (That was her answer to every question yesterday...Why do we say prayers? Why do we close our eyes? Why do we bow our heads? What can we tell Heavenly Father we're thankful for? What can He help us with? How do you know these kids are praying? What do we do when someone is saying a prayer? Why do we say Amen? Etc. Same answer to every question.)

L: I'm inviting you to my birthday at the water park.
Me: (Yes! I've won him over...I'm on the invite list.)

I didn't have any quotes from last week. They were so out of control naughty I couldn't take two seconds to write anything down.


Autumn said...

I LOVE these! I'll look forward to them every week. You are good-you actually write them down as they're said?! Wow! I love it. Keep your BOM to yourself!!!

Pedersens said...

LOL the things you hear in Primary. Thats great. I loved when Leyton said "he cut her hair a little bit" I would have freaked out too!! Thankfully he really didnt. soo funny!

jeanine said...

Kids are pretty funny... I think it's great that you write them down as they're said (I was wondering how you could remember everything! I thought you had a super memory!)

And I too would have freaked out when I heard crying and "I cut her hair a little bit"

Kim said...

Hilarious!!! Kids say the funniest things and for some reason especially at church.

Lauri said...

Once when I was teaching kindergarten, a child actually cut his own the scalp...on picture day. His father was a teacher at the school and I had to go down and tell him the news. Glad your near mishap was only on paper.

utmomof5 said...

Love the Book of Mormon one!! LOL someday that kid will be a fine missionary.

You make me enjoy being in Relief Society. :)


The Cochran Family said...

hallarios, you know when you own kids are saying funny things, sometimes yur so cought up in being a mom you don't take the time to laugh at thier funniness, good to laugh at others!

Abbey said...

That is so cute that you took the time to record their words. I wish I would have done that when I was a teacher. Howvever, I dont think I could have kept up with Alex Ortman becuase he always had plenty to say. Wonder were he gets that from?