Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fat in the Hat

So this is a conversation Parker and I had before church last week.

Parker: What's that? (Referring to my very unfortunate love handles.)

Me: It's fat Parker.

Parker: Fat?

Me: Yes fat.

Parker: Oh. (Pause) Remember when you were wearing that dress last night and you were fat?

Me: Yes. I remember...unfortunately.

Parker: You're fat mom. (Notice...not phat with a PH.)

Me: Yes. I am.

Parker (in a sing-songy voice): You're Fat in the Hat. Fat in the Hat. Fat in the Hat.

I then had to explain to him that although I am fat, it's not a nice thing to call people because it hurts some peoples feelings. Luckily, it didn't hurt mine...I was fighting back laughter, not tears. I was just afraid he might call his Sunbeam teacher 'Fat in the Hat' so I had to put an end to it pretty quick.

Since then, I've had to be careful about using the word 'fat.' I frequently refer to Grayden as 'Fat Baby' and Parker has to point out that I'm not being nice. And today, Spencer was reading the label on some fat-free carmel apple dip. Parker freaked out and told him that was not a nice word. To further confuse my 3 year old...we had to tell him it was OK to call food fat.

Oh the joys of small children.


jeanine said...

That was laugh out loud funny! Little kids are pretty hilarious sometimes... even if they don't mean to be.

And totally feel you about getting in trouble for words. William is telling us all the time what words we can and cannot say... and then sometimes he makes some up (for instance, we are now not aloud to say "shhh")

Autumn said...

OH MY GOODNESS! that is pretty funny. Its great that you've stopped this quickly though. At least he gets it that its a bad word.

Okay, clarification though. Please appease me as this just might be advice I'm giving. Might be. I'm not saying this to be nice. And I'm not saying it to make you "feel better" because you're laughing at it-as you should be. Its absolutely hilarious.

But. Here's my thought. Katie, you are not fat. You may have fat, but you're not fat. I know-you don't care, and you're not hurt by it and you shouldn't be. Fat in the Hat is pretty funny. But really, I think kids should know that every body on earth (except maybe 1-2%) has fat on them but that doesn't make them fat-wouldn't you agree?

Thanks for sharing. Parker is pretty funny. I'm so glad you're writing these down.

Kelly said...

I was laughing so hard- that is so dang funny and I can just see Parker having that conversation with you- I love it!!

SHIRLEY'S said...

OH the joys of kids that talk... I havent gotten there yet, but Im sure I would have been laughing if I heard J say something like that. and its so good that it stuck with him to remember not to say it again.

SHIRLEY'S said...

I was reading what was in Texas... you have an ikea? SO NOT FAIR!

Traci Elizabeth said...

I dare Parker to call me fat in the hat and we will see what happens! =)...what a character!

I little while ago, I took a little girl in my ward to the bathroom for her dad. While she went "potty", she proceeded to tell on her mom and dad for sleeping in the same bed. Oh, the things primary children will tell you.

Jessica said...

Very funny Parker. Kids are the best they call it as they see it I guess. Jenna told me yesterday that I had a big face. She used to tell me all the time when I was pregnant that I was big. You are not fat by the way. Especially since you just won your challenge.

Amanda B. said...

I have to agree with Autumn- it is almost aggravating to hear someone like you claim to be "fat." Everyone has fat (unless they are dying of annorexia) but that doesn't make them fat. You have never been "fat" in all your life- despite the few pounds you gained during pregnancy (which you lost during the healthy competition! congrats by the way- on the weight loss & winning! :)) I have been "fat" and am trying to recover.
Anyway, it is funny though, the way kids do things like that! I am glad you could laugh at it! (Proof you aren't fat! :))
I'm officially on the recipe blog.... who knows where it may lead! :)

Cynthia said...

Gird up your loins Katie. Wait til you have teenagers. They have the ability to chip away at your entire collection of self esteem unless you can just laugh at it.
yeah, . . . we do a lot of laughing at our house.
Maybe his creative word usage could be directed into a story "Fat in the Hat", "Fat when I Sat", "Fat, the Rat". I see potential for an entire series.

Pedersens said...

LOL that is too funny! Oh the joys of kids!

Abbey said...

Dont you love the honesty of little ones. By the way you are far from being fat. My nephew recently told me all my weight was on my backside when I mentioned that my stomach was still not that big. Oh the joys.