Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Moving has been a huge struggle for me this time around. I like to think I typically handle change well. I tend to look forward to it. I was excited to move, but it has been rough. This is the first time I've moved while living the stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. When I moved to Columbus, I was in the work force and instantly had adults to connect with on a daily basis. My kids are too young for school so I can't get involved there. I, so far, have not found neighbors to connect with. Until this month, I had not been assigned a visiting teaching one visiting me and I didn't visit anybody. I've been searching the town for places to get involved and have not yet found something that doesn't cost too much to join and that I can bring my three crazy kids to (my options are limited).

I really have nothing going on in my life outside of my home and my primary class. I sleep later than I used to. I stay in my pj's longer than I used to. I rarely leave the house. And despite all my free time, I'm really behind on household chores. I have no schedule. I don't think I've ever dealt with the blues as bad as I have here. I don't get depressed very often or very easily, but this is tough. I thrive on social interaction and busy-ness.

To make matters worse, George Washington University is still contacting Spencer...trying to talk him into going there. It was hard enough to turn them down the first time. Now we're stuck in a town we don't like and a school Spencer's not crazy about. Very tempting. Although I'm sure that wouldn't cure my loneliness problems.

D-Town is actually growing on me. I've decided it reminds me a TON of Logan, Utah...where I spent my college days. I loved Logan. It was easy to love when I was in school and living the college life. But I think I can learn to enjoy D-Town in a similar way.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...the ward is fantastic (despite my awful calling). I feel I will really fit in soon as I can feel that these women here are my real friends. We've been invited to dinner a few times and today I spent the morning at a skit rehearsal for the upcoming stake Relief Society birthday celebration. I was at the church with four other young moms for two hours and only thirty minutes of actual practice time. We danced and laughed and gabbed as moms do best. The kids roamed the church and it was so good for me and the crazies to get out. Although I was hesitant to participate in the skit, it was so great to be invited...completely worth the embarrassment of performing a skit for the social time this morning. I think they've made just as much of an effort to include me as I have to be included. They're really great.

I'm sure this is a good place for our family. I just wish it didn't have to take so long to feel at home here.


jeanine said...

You are so lucky to have such a great ward. We loved our ward in Norman so much and it was really a struggle to move here. The ward here was really old (think temple workers) when we moved in but has slowly gotten younger. I think you are awesome to be getting involved so soon... I wish I had done that here.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Want to know the problem with my area?? Its orange county, so most people cant afford to live here unless both parents work. So, a lot of the young moms in the ward work and have their kids in day care so its impossible to get together with them, so I feel your pain.

Today was a fun day for us though, I went over to Chris and Anna Cordovas for a playdate. They have a daugther Olivias age and just had another daughter 1 month ago. Chris called me a invited me over and I was so excited to get out of the pjs and have some adult interaction.

Why did you all have to move so far away?? Wouldnt it be great if we all lived in the same together everyday and ate bon bons while our brats played together??

Katie said...

Honestly you two...wouldn't life be easier if we never had to make new friends. (Past Jr. High I mean...or we wouldn't be friends, either.) Actually, I frequently wonder if we all met at this stage in life rather than in our childhood...would we still choose to be friends? Would our spouses get along? Or our children? Qualifications for friendship change at different times in life. I'd like to think we'd still be friends.

Kelly said...

I am so sorry about your blues, Katie! I wish you lived closer, and weren't so far in no man's land! I think you are doing well with getting involved- you will find your comfort soon- I just know it!

Autumn said...

Wow. I really enjoy hearing you tell even more about your experience. It is hard to imagine you blue, though of course totally understandable. Your description of your feelings have very much described a lot of what I have felt this past year, for different reasons. Somehow it brings comfort to know that others sometimes feel the same.

I'm glad you enjoy the ward, and glad you had so much fun at the rehearsal.

Is the other university a possibility at all to Spencer, or is it just a tempting teaser? Any hopefuls on the home front-of homes?

Good luck!!

Lauri said...

Sounds like it's time for a MOM-visit. Can't wait to see you all in one more week.

SHIRLEY'S said...

WOW! I have a really hard time putting myself out there. we've had a hard time adjusting too. Our ward is HUGE, and they are talking about making our own stake... that gives you an idea of how big it really is.

I totally understand the whole no routine thing too. I need to get into a routine for sure!

Lisha said...

Most days Bryce comes home to find me in my PJ's. I must be going through some of the Blues too, though I didn't realize it until I noticed that I do much of those same things too. You are an inspiration to me to get out there and interact more. I feel for you Katie. Hang in there!

Shalece said...

Seems like the adversary really wants good mom's to feel 'blue'. I have to snap myself out of it a lot lately. I've heard of a lot of mom's going through the same thing. Maybe it's common, or just new to me!

Betheny & Jacob said...

I'm so sorry you are having trouble Katie. I can totally sympathise with you! I really do feel your pain. With time...and will get better.