Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hairy Question

Alright, so I have a hair appointment this afternoon. My hair seems to look shaggy all the time lately. Not to mention, very matronly. I want to go a little shorter and a little younger than I've been wearing it .

There's a poll in my right hand column...please vote and keep in mind my low quality hair...very thick, very fine, very straight hair. I need input. There are quite a few pictures and they're all pretty similar so no matter how you vote it will probably look the same in a couple of weeks. But here are your choices in no particular oder:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

What do you think?


jeanine said...

Good luck with your hair today. I've been needing a hair cut but it's been long for so long that I'm afraid to do anything too new!

Jeffrey Benson said...

6...definitely, but you have to go big and do the color and all.

Jeffrey Benson said...

remember, I'm the hip brother, I know these things.

Traci Elizabeth said...

I like number 2, it looks like you you wear it without doing anything to it...but you could also play it up! Good luck! I hope you found a good stylist in Texas!

Pedersens said...

I am with you on the hair thing, my hair is DRIVING ME INSANE! You would think it wouldnt be so bad, with my sister a Cosmetologist and all- But she is always soo booked she cant get me in, I am way over due, she finally fit me in this SAT and I cant wait!!

Kelly said...

You will look better than any of these models, no matter which you choose- but for my vote, I chose #3-can't wait to see a picture of it! I will post a blonde pic of me someday- but I will warn you first-it is soooo unnatural!!

jeanine said...

Okay... now I'm dying to know what you did! We need some pictures!

Lisha said...

I like pic #3 and pic #7. I think they both look very hip and sassy. Goodness knows how hard it is to feel sassy when you are a mom!

Abbey said...

Number 1 or 3 looks like you the most. They also look easy to manage. By the way I love Graydens "little" legs.