Monday, January 14, 2008

Our House, In the Middle of Our Street...

I was talking to my mom the other day and she didn't think "D-Town" could possibly be that bad. So I thought I'd post pictures to give you a good idea.

I took pictures of what you see from the freeway to our house (about 3 miles). These are all from the inside of my car which I haven't washed since before the trip. You can tell by the dirty windows.

There are a several down yet still open for business. Like this:

A Mexican Food Restaurant

The sign says Professional Wrestling on it. Awesome.

There are also fields of brush and tumbleweeds. Like this:

And in the middle of fields of brush and tumbleweeds stands this cute little suburban neighborhood (less than 10 years old) with an American made truck parked in nearly every driveway.

This is the street where I live:

This is my cute little house:

It's actually not that little compared to our last one. It's nearly double in size and much, much newer. In fact, when I'm at home, I forget I don't like it here. Thank goodness I spend most of my time at home. We have a fireplace, a real laundry room, and walk-in closets in every room. Because we came from such a small house, we have a place to store everything. Even an exersaucer and a baby swing and everything. In fact, we don't have enough stuff to fill this house. I'd go out and buy stuff, but we're just renting for 5 months until we decide where we'd really like to live.

And here's the best part...we needed a new fridge so we headed down to Lowe's. They had a fridge that had been used for a week, returned, refurbished, and sold to us for half the price. Check out this beaut! I never thought I'd get excited about a fridge.

I'd post pictures of the inside of my house, but I am not finished unpacking yet and there are disaster spots scattered throughout the house.

Just a sampling of D-Town. (In case you're wondering...I leave out the name for security reasons...I don't want any psycho stalkers who read this blog to find me. D-Town is pretty small, It wouldn't be hard.)


Traci Elizabeth said...

Dont love the town, but I love the house and the fridge!! You may just have to stay inside for 5 months and pretend that you are in a different state!! Good luck!

jeanine said...

The house is cute! And you know... sometimes those little run down looking restraunts are mighty good if you're feeling adventurous.

Kelly said...

Okay, love the house, who cares what surrounds it, right?! Just kidding, it is really nice! Love the fridge too! D-town will be okay, I promise!

Jessica said...

I love your house!! How exciting to have room for all your stuff, I am jealous. Don't worry it will get better it always takes times. It took us over a year to really feel comfortable and have friends here in Virginia. Change is always hard. It looks like you are experiencing your trek through the wilderness. Too bad you guys didn't move here. I love what Spencer said about my family being like Ishmaels. He is hilarious. Oh and Ikea does solve a lot of your problems, I was just there today was able to find so many things to help organize my house before the baby comes.

Benji and Rypie said...

Hey Katie... sounds like your.. adjusting? I am sorry about D-town (did you make that name up... like for town of doom or something?) Your house is so cute and congrats on the fridge. Hey... at least D-town has a few stores... Ben grew up in a town of 250 and there once was a store but it went under quite a few years ago. haha.

SHIRLEY'S said...

The town... kinda sad! So sorry about that... i thought that Brighton wasnt developed yet... But we are getting a new shopping center about 3 miles from our home! I love the house! Super cute! im excited to see what you do with it... even though you will only be there for 5 months! were you guys able to sell your home in Ohio? OH and the fridge, LOVE it!

Lauri said...

By the way, the Frosty's that you show in your pictures has delicious milk shakes that you can try in 4 more weeks after the competition is over.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Oh by the way... I was reading on the Yahoo News one day about a woman in Kansas who makes over $60,000.00 a year selling tumbleweeds. She sells them over the internet. All she does is go outside and pick them up and people actually buy maybe you can have a future in tumbleweed sales.

Autumn said...

Wow, your house is so cute!!! Good thing you have a great house-AND fridge. I love refurbished goods, especially for half price!! I would be just as excited. Looks like you have lots of business opportunities. Plenty of room for growth? :) I would love to hear about the ward!

Abbey said...

Home sweet Home!!! Well at least the house is cute. Did you get a chance to go to church yet? I am sure your ward or branch will be great. I hope the unpacking is coming along. So, many people want your address. Ulli asked for it I just gave her your blogspot because I know you keep your email private. Anyway, little Ross is being little Ross, so I have to go.

Autumn said...

I'm so glad to see that picture up again. And also glad the retro Katie is below. I was hoping you'd be able to do both.

Cynthia said...

Well Ms. Katie - here are my predictions for your d-town predicament.
Spring will come and the tumbleweed-strewn fields will green up and be lush scenery for your daily driving.
The Mexican food restaurant will sell the best hand-made tortillas in the state.
A place like Frosty's will always have the greatest soft-serve ice cream and why wouldn't you need that for 3 tired boys on a day of errands.
Mr. Saws-a-Lot will save you a long trip to Home Depot across town when you just need a package of nails to hang a picture on your wall.
Professional Wrestling? well, it sounds like they might run a cool community youth program -- sign your kids up for wrestling instead of dance or karate.
Everyone needs a friend with a pick-up truck. Who else can haul a new piece of furniture or a swing set for your huge house.
And the Tractor company? Well, now your good 'ol Uncle Dave can come visit D-town!
Have fun!!!

Violet & Thomas said...

Way cute house!!! There are so many times that I just want out of Corona that I don't care where I end up. I better be carful of what I wish for. :) I am sure it will grow on you.

Betheny & Jacob said...

Oh, Katie! I'm so sorry...I really do sympathise with you. I love my town, it's great and I have great friends but I'm trying everything I can to get out and move back to California...where my heart is. As soon as I get my pics uploaded of our recent trip down there, I'll tell you all about how I WILL move back down there no matter what. It's just not home here. I hope it gets better for you. LOVE that you found some shopping! That's a plus!

Pedersens said...

The town isnt soo bad, just not what you are use too- It does look worse than Norco though. LOL Your neighborhood looks nice and i love your house and your fridge!