Thursday, January 10, 2008

Everything's Bigger In Texas?

Everything's bigger in Texas my eye! I know some of you live in small towns or are from small towns...some of you even like them. I, however, was never meant for small town life. I was handling things pretty well for the majority of the trek out to Texas. Partly due to the fact the packing was so exhausting that I was happy to be going anywhere if it meant I was finished packing. And partly because I was driving with Jeff (my awesome little bro. who helped us make the trek.) I haven't spent time with him in so long I didn't want to spend it crying.

But by the time we got to the Texas border, I couldn't hold it back any longer. It was a very depressing thought to know that this would be my home for the next however many years while Spence earns his PhD. Thank goodness this hole in the wall town is not too far from the border...otherwise it would have been a lot more tears. It got worse when I saw the first sign for "D-town." Eleven miles away and not a sign of human life anywhere. And worse than that...there were horses. And cows. Disgusting! It's always been a goal of mine to avoid living in a place where people could own horses and cows.

It was at this point I started hyperventilating. I wish I were exaggerating for the purpose of good story telling, but I am not. It was an all out anxiety attack. I couldn't breathe I was so sick. I've spent a couple days here now and things have just gone down hill. I just can't even believe that this is my home. Every time I leave the house I hope to find more signs of 21st century civilization. Instead, I find less.

In order not to leave this post on a bad note here are a couple of positives:

1. The Food
  • Jack in the Box- a favorite fast food chain of mine from my youth can once again enter my life.
  • Denny's- once again, not the best food, but it's an American institution. Can you believe Columbus didn't have one? Spencer and I spoke several times about opening a franchise while we were there. It would have to do well near the university. It's open 24 hours.
  • Real Mexican food- This should really top the list. You can't get good Mexican food in Ohio. This is the real stuff. Divine!
2. IKEA - There's an IKEA only 45 minutes away from which I have already tasted of the fruits. Awesome. Grayden's crib didn't quite make the trip (it was a hand-me-down when Parker got it). He got a brand new one at a great cost. Sweet! Not to mention a few other things that just didn't get packed (gross garbage cans, worn out bathroom rugs, etc). All replaced. Nice.

I'll write more as I get a chance. I just wanted everyone to know that life is going on here in Texas. My life that is...I've yet to see any real life in this hole of a town.


Traci Elizabeth said...

All I can say is...Good Luck. But, in my opinion, IKEA can cure anything!

Kelly said...

I am so sorry it is a "pasture town"- I hate the country- I am a city girl, too! Thank goodness for IKEA- I have never been there, but hear it is an amazing place! Looks like you have seen some positives, and you made it safe and sound...blessings after all, right?! We miss you already, and Julie said that if you send me your new phone number, she will call Parker, and just so you know, she cried a lot when I told her about what Parker said...she misses him too!! Take care!

Autumn said...

Wow. I'm sorry!!! That could certainly be discouraging!! That really is great about Ikea. I've been dying to read an update, I'm thrilled for one! I'd love to see pix of D-town. Happy settling. But don't get too comfy and start carving your names in the trees...its not your home forever!

jeanine said...

I just wrote a huge comment but it didn't post. All I can say is that I"m jealous that you have an IKEA nearby. Also, you probably have a grocery store... that's more than I can say for Piedmont. Seriously. Come visit us and you'll feel better about your town. And if it makes you feel any better, my mom said that of all the schools we went to, Texas had the best, hands down. We're so glad that you are closer to us!

ps So fun that Jeff could drive with you!

Jeffrey Benson said...

Well, at least the nothingness and lameness is bigger in texas right?

Abbey said...

Well Katie
I am missing you so much and taking note of your house. Today they were putting a new front door on it. Plus, they took all the window treatments down. I was hoping they would have kept them up because then I could just pretend you were still there. No such luck I guess. Well me being a small town girl I will just tell you that you will get use to the smell. It will become second nature before to long. This week has just been one thing after another. I was wanting to stay busy to keep my mind off of you leaving but I didnt have a tree falling on Ross' car in mind. I hope you are settling in okay. Little Ross still talks about Parker everyday. When I asked him do you know who is coming to see you? He said "Parker." My mom was actually coming. Anyway, about the tree we had to pay for it because it fell on our property. Lucky enough Lang offered to pay half the deductible. It was a big mess but I am over it now.
Take Care (August isnt to far away.)

Lauri said...

I have spent the last 15 minutes looking at what there is to do in Denton Texas. Actually, there are good restaurants, parks, movie theaters, and places to shop. How bad can it be?????

Judds said...

Katie, good luck with all the adjustments. It has got to be hard going from one extreme to the other. As for me, I hope we end up in a small town. I prefer them. That is a plus that you have an IKEA close. I use any excuse to go there.

Pedersens said...

Katie, I am glad that you finally posted about the move. I am sorry that it sounds so lonely over there. Just be glad that you don't have to live there forever. And be thankful for the church b/c I am sure once you make some friends it won't be so bad! Good Luck with everything.