Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 From A Cynical Point Of View

Normally I take any excuse to PARTAY, but New Years really doesn't excite me much. I did party it up until about 8:45. We had a wild pajama party and let the kids stay up past their bedtime while we watched Toy Story and ate snacks. (Don't worry...anyone in the healthy competition...while my boys snacked on chocolate, I chose orange flavored Craisins instead.) I don't really know why it's worth letting the kids stay up. If you're not staying up to ring in the new year, why stay up?

So after the kids were down for the night, I settled in on the couch to make my attempts to stay up 'til midnight. When did I get so old that staying up until midnight is considered staying up late? A half an hour later I was asleep and uncomfortable on my too small couch with a kink in my neck. I continued to lay there unrested and uncomfortable, mostly asleep only to wake up a few minutes before midnight. We counted down. I kissed my husband twice. Then I meandered, dazed and confused, into bed where it took me an hour to fall asleep. Go figure. I can't remember the last time I actually made it until midnight. Spencer and I must have been dating. I remember spending New Years Eve at his parents house and he was still too embarrassed to kiss me in front of his family.

Spencer came to bed all excited about the New Year. I asked him what was so exciting. He said the new year was like a fresh start. He told be to think about all the opportunities awaiting us in 2008. I can't remember if I said this out loud, but my thought was aren't they the same opportunities that we would have had if it remained 2007? And why does the change in date mean a fresh start? The date changes every night at midnight and we don't stay up to celebrate it. And isn't every day just as much of a fresh start as the next...regardless of the year?

I've never been one to set New Years resolutions, either. If I have a goal I want to accomplish, I just get started on it. Or fit it into my life when I see the need. Why put it off until January first? What is it about that specific date...that one little change in number that makes people want to set goals? Regardless, goals are important to set so I'm not knocking resolutions for those of you who set them.

I do, however, enjoy the Rose Parade. I think it's awesome that all those floats are decorated with flowers and seeds and things. I have spent several New Years days watching it live and in person. In fact, probably the last time I really enjoyed my New Years Eve was when I camped out at the Rose Parade. It's hard to describe the atmosphere to make it sound fun. It is a huge, wild celebration. The streets along the parade route are lined with crazy people doing crazy things. And you just can't help but become one of those crazy people yourself. So crazy, in fact, that the COPS have to come tell you to put away your sling shot or they'll confiscate it. I guess they're just afraid that when you run out of marshmallows you may start to launch something dangerous. This craziness goes on until about 4:00am when you finally decide your tired enough to sleep on the sidewalk next to complete strangers only to get up two hours later and high-tail it out of Pasadena before the parade starts. Ahhh, good times. (No pictures...they're already packed.)

I like the Rose Bowl, too, when the Buckeyes are playing. But thank goodness their not there this year...because they're heading down to New Orleans for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Go Bucks!

Despite my cynical point of view (due in large part to this move which has made me a little bit cranky), have a happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2008. Although I would wish you all the best if it were still 2007.


Traci Elizabeth said...

Wow..your new years was about as exciting as mine. Cameron got last minute tickets to a Clippers game (4th row)..but, I didnt have a baby sitter so I let him go with his bro in law. Olivia was in bed by 8 and I was in bed @8:30...woooo exciting!

Oh by the way....Craisens are loaded with SUGAR!!! I don't really know if that is appropriate for the healthy competition!

DKALC2007 said...

Our night was just as uneventful- we watched Ocean's Thirteen, sans kids, then we barely stayed awake to see Dick Clark- we are pathetic- and I was even mad when our neighbors let off fireworks at midnight!
I did make resolutions, but they are always on-going, so please don't bash mine! Just kidding- see you tomorrow at 11!!

Lauri said...

Sorry Katie, I have to side with Spencer on this one. Although I'm not big on staying up until midnight (I was in bed at 10:30) there is something psychologically stimulating about a new year/fresh start. I have been looking forward to it for some time and ready for a great year with new opportunities and happier times for me and each of my kids.


jeanine said...

I"m with you... I can't stay up till midnight. I think that I fell asleep on our couch around 11ish.