Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Healthy Competition

It's time to take drastic measures...I've been desperately trying to lose this baby weight since I gave birth to baby number three. I made it three weeks without sweets. Then Halloween came, and so did my in-laws, leaving me with more sweets than I could resist. I've been sneaking out early for a morning jog about 4 times a week. But my time is limited and I don't get in all the exercising that I need. With 3 kids ages three and under, I have very minimal down time. You'd think the pounds would be flying off. But no such luck.

I've been trying to figure out what to do about this. I considered posting a weekly picture of me on the Internet in spandex shorts and a sports bra like on those reality weight loss shows. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is. But for you all to avoid those gruesome images, I've decided to go another direction. I have a proposal...a little healthy competition for anyone who's interested. It's not a weight loss competition, just a healthy living competition.

This is the game:

Everyone participating puts in $20.

Points are awarded for each healthy decision throughout the day (I'll explain further down). Everyone keeps track of their own points and emails me their weekly totals and the end of each week. I'll email everyone's weekly totals to all participants so you know where you stand each week. At the end of 12 weeks, the person with the most points wins the big money. There will be monetary prizes for the top three players.

Points are awarded daily for the following (one point for each healthy choice):
  1. 30 minutes of exercise
  2. 15 additional minutes of exercise (a point for this 15 min is only awarded if you've already exercised for 30 min)
  3. healthy breakfast
  4. healthy lunch
  5. healthy dinner
  6. no sweets / soda all day
  7. 3 servings of vegetables
  8. 2 servings of fruit
  9. no unhealthy snacks
  10. 64 oz of water
Some of these points are a little vague, I know. But I leave it up to the individual to make decisions. You may choose any form of exercise you like. Weather you eat out or dine in...just make healthy choices. Try to eat balances meals. You can visit http://www.mypyramid.gov/ for help with that. As for the unhealthy snacks...we all know what's healthy and not. Potato chips=unhealthy. Apple=healthy. We're using the "Honor Code" here.

There is a possible 10 points to be earned per day. 60 possible per week. Sundays are free days. Everyone gets 2 free points per week. Meaning...if you really just need sweets or potato chips or something one day...eat them without missing that point. Or if you just can't seem to get in that extra 15 minutes of exercise one day...you can still get points for it. Or if you just can't resist a Big Mac...eat it. But only twice a week. You give in more than 2 times, you don't get points. This plan INCLUDES "roll over." If you didn't use your 2 extra points, you can save them for the next week. It's up to you to keep track of your own points.

The competition will begin on Monday, November 19 and last 12 weeks; ending on February 10. Thanksgiving and Christmas (or Christmas Eve...your choice) are free days. There will only be 50 possible points those weeks. There is a total possible 700 points.

I know the holiday season is a really lousy time to start living healthy. But I just can't put this off any longer. I don't want to gain weight before I start losing. I know if I don't have something motivating me through it, I won't make it. Thanks to last year's gallbladder removal, I know it's possible to live through the holidays without overindulgence. So please consider this...invite your spouse, parents, children, friends, or whoever to enter this, too. The more participants, the bigger the prize money. If I don't get enough people to sign up, I may cancel. And I don't want to cancel.

This is not some elaborate scheme to get your money. If that were that case, I'd ask for a lot more than $20. As a side note...once you've entered and committed your money, there's no going back. If you decide you can't make it half way through, you just lose...no money back.

Please let me know ASAP who's interested. The competition starts Monday. I've opened an email address just for this competition. If you're interested or have questions, either leave a comment or email me at: healthycompetition@gmail.com.

Wish me luck!


Autumn said...

I'm SO in. I love competition-and I love "free" money.

I have a proposal on the exercies (unless I misunderstood it). Is there 1 point PER SET of EXTRA 15 minutes, or just that first extra 15 minutes?

So to up the money that I WILL WIN, do you mind if I link this to my site to try to get more participants?

I think your rules are great. Once, my roomies and I did something like this, but the points didn't work that great-we got points for drinking certain amounts of water (with no limit). Therefore, when we'd compare points at the end of the day, we'd guzzle, guzzle, guzzle to try to cram...

(When you said the thing about the pictures, I stopped, scrolled to the bottom...)

Katie said...

On the exercising...There are only 2 points possible...no extra credit for additional exercising.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Im in-- it might be a little harder to resist the sweets since I am prego, but it still is important to be healthy!! So, I am in...Send me your moms address!!

jeanine said...

Okay... Rich is in... he loves "free" Sundays and I love the "no soda"... it's his weakness.
ps. I'm not in because, let's face it, I know that I won't exercise that much.

Jeffrey Benson said...

Yeah I'm in...frighteningly enough.

SHIRLEY'S said...

OKAY, So I have a question... I just started Weight Watchers, so does that mean i cant enter? let me know, and how many people are in?

rachel said...

me and mel are contemplating it...