Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Very Missionary Christmas

As if we didn't have enough boys in the house, we decided to invite the missionaries over for Christmas breakfast. And we have two sets of elders in our ward. So I was out numbered by the boys...8 to 1.

Spencer and I invited the missionaries over for breakfast our first Christmas in Ohio. We have no family out here and had no kids at the time so we decided to share Christmas with someone else who didn't have family around. Who better than the missionaries. It's become a tradition and we've done it ever since. It's always fun to have the missionaries in our home.

To the families and friends of these great elders: You all have raised wonderful sons. They're are working hard...in rain and snow. They don't even quit for Christmas. Good work. It was a pleasure sharing Christmas with your boys. They all carry a great spirit with them that brightened our Christmas morning.

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures. I didn't take as many as I intended to. This is what your boys have been up to today:

Can you believe it, four missionaries and not one from Utah? Two from So Cal. Can I get a Whoop! Whoop! (I grew up in Corona.) One from AZ. (Where my entire family lives...in fact, my mom is in the same stake as Elder Heal's family.) And one from Washington. Way to represent the West! As always, it was an enjoyable way to spend Christmas morning.


utmomof5 said...

That is a great idea with the missionaries! I bet there moms and families are so glad they were enjoying Christmas. I can;t beliece not one from Utah!!

Merry Christmas


Pedersens said...

What a great tradition! I bet the missionaries really appreciated a good Christmas breakfast. Way to go Katie.

Autumn said...

I'm so glad you had the missionaries over! I thought of them several times during the day, wondering if they were with anyone. Looks like they had fun. What a nice tradition.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Having been a missionary, I know they really appreciate it....especially being able to have breakfast with the craziest Smiths I know! Tell Spencer next time he is in Cali I want crepes for breakfast!

jeanine said...

What a fun tradition... and I'll bet the Elder's LOVE it! (And I bet you have none from Utah because they're all sent HERE).