Sunday, December 23, 2007

That's What Life Is About

Any of you have who have had a three year old probably don't think this is as great as I do. I'm sure all three year olds do thing like this, but since he's my first, I've never had another kid tell me stories like this. And I think it's pretty darn adorable.

Yesterday Parker said to me:

"Do you know what this is? This life that we're living?"

(I say) What is this life that we're living Parker?

"It's all about baby Jesus. He was born and that's what life is about."

I asked him to tell me more and these are some of the things he said. I wish I could recall them all. I'm not sure I have them all word for word, but it's close. If I remember more, I'll add it.

  • There was no room for Him at the hotel. He had to go to a stable.
  • Baby Jesus was naked. They gave him weathering (swaddling) clothes.
  • His bed was made of hay.
  • Angels told the shepherds to be nice.
  • Who wants to follow the star to find baby Jesus?
  • Wise men brought him presents. Gold and Murray (I'm sure he doesn't know what myrrh is. The closest thing he could identify to was Murray the Wiggle.)
He's a pretty smart little crazy. He retains everything he learns. And he has awesome nursery teachers. Apparently they acted out the nativity in nursery this morning. Right up Parker's alley. He was pretty excited about getting to be one of the wise men today with Ben and Brian. Reid got to be a shepherd.

I took pictures of the boys in their new Christmas church clothes this morning.



(notice the mud spots on his knees)


Before (finding shoes to fit Reid's different feet is nearly impossible. Converse All Stars seem to work best.)





Reid wanted nothing to do with a group picture.

This was the best I got.

Ignore the mess on the floor. Sunday mornings are always a disaster. A swear they dump out every toy they own onto the living room floor every Sunday morning. And mom and dad are to frantic trying to get everyone ready to pay any attention.


DKALC2007 said...

I love children! They are so close to the Savior! I love that they know more than some adults! I would've loved to see the nativity, but the girls and I left due to snotty noses- you can thank me later! Have a Merry Christmas!!

jeanine said...

I love this! So sweet and yet so true! It's amazing how much kids really understand... and how they remind us of what we really already know, but sometimes forget.

jeanine said...

ps... our floors are a disaster on Sunday mornings too!

Lauri said...

I love Parker and the Nativity. I'm glad you recorded it to remember through the years. The boys look darling in their new church duds (if only they could get rid of the blankets!) Oh and by the way, my floor is a mess too and I don't even have little kids...although Michael got in last night and his shoes and computer are on the family room floor.

Traci Elizabeth said...

Cute pics...your boys are adorable. Too bad you arent done having kids, then you could just send me all their hand-me downs!! =)...Tell your boys they better get their thumbs out of their mouths or Spencer is going to have to become an orthadontist!!!

Aubry said...

Hey Katie-
I found your blog through Brittnee's, and I'm not sure that you'll even remember me, but I thought I'd say hi! I have to say that your stories are great! You are en excellent writer, and your boys seem like a lot of fun. You must be wonderwoman to raise three little guys so close in age with a husband in school. My husband is working on his master's. It's rough for me and we only have one little girl. Anyway, good luck with everything and have a wonderful Christmas!
- Aubry (Holt) Thompson

Shalece & Craig said...

Your boys are adorable! I can relate to the Sunday mornings... Although I contribute, throwing stuff out of the diaper bag I don't need as we run out the door.. gotta love 9 am church. :)

Kids say the cutest things.. I have a three year old as well. He is going into primary in January.. scary! :)

Pedersens said...

Kids say the cutest things! And your boys are getting so big, they are seriously sooooo CUTE in their Christmas outfits. Have a Merry Christmas.

Autumn said...

This is AWESOME!! I seriously think you should submit this to a church magazine!